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Dialogue of the Day – once again Fariba Kamal Abadi is transferred to Evin prison

“Bahai’s community aldermen are in prison without the slightest evidence against them”

2011 May 23

Ardavan Roozbeh
/ Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

“Fariba Kamal Abadi” is one of the seven Baha’i’s community aldermen in Iran who in 2008 along with five other Baha’i’s community aldermen “Jamalaldin Khanjani”, “Afif Naimi”, “Saeed Rezaei”, “Behrooz Tavakoli and “Vahid Tizfahm” were arrested in their homes, charged with spying for Israel, blasphemy and propaganda against the Islamic Republic. They were transferred to section 209 of the notorious Evin prison and sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.

She was transferred, along with the other Baha’i female prisoners from Karaj prison to Qarchak in Varamin, but lately, once again, returned to Evin. This is while in recent weeks, a number of political prisoners in prisons of Tehran and its surrounding were moved to other prisons for unknown reasons.

Even though the officials said that the reason the prisoners have been moved to other prisons is for them to be in a place with more facilities, but according to some of the inmates, the new place is much tougher and specially less hygienic.

It should be pointed out that Qarchak Prison in Varamin is just a roofed hall, lack basic sanitary facilities and used to be a poultry.

Qarchak Prison in Varamin is just a roofed hall, lack basic sanitary facilities and used to be a poultry

What follows is the interview of Ardavan Roozbeh with “Iraj Kamal Abadi” the brother of Fariba Kamal Abadi, one of the Bahai’s community aldermen:

Mr. Kamal Abadi, your sister Ms. Fariba Kamal Abadi, is one of those people who are in prison because of their beliefs. The important news was her transfer to the prison called Qarchak in Varamin where the conditions are inappropriate. Today, we have news that her situation has changed. Do you have any accurate information about her situation?

As we have been informed, she has been transferred from Qarchak prison in Varamin to Evin prison yesterday. But we do not have any news about the details and conditions of this transfer because this has happened recently and we have not had any contact with her yet.

We have heard a lot about Ms. Fariba Kamal Abadi, Ms. Mahvash Shahriari and several other Baha’i’s community aldermen who are in jail for more than three years. Do you have any information about the conditions in Qarchak prison in Varamin?

The prison has been a industrial poultry with high ceilings and no cell. Their equipments are not developed at all and the conditions are very rudimentary. Prisoners who have been taken there, have had a very hard time, they have not had enough food, the sanitary were bad and insufficient. In terms of adequate facilities, prisoners have a very hard time and difficult circumstances in this prison.

Given that your sister and several other Baha’i’s community aldermen were sentenced to twenty years imprisonment and currently are serving, what is the reason of this transfer? Is their goal to create more pressure?

We are not sure of the reason, but we know that the authorities have decided to transfer all female prisoners from the prisons around Tehran to Varamin. From Karaj prison and several others, women were transferred to the Varamin prison.

Is your sister’s sentence of twenty-year prison unquestionable and she is now spending the prison term?

Last year, after a few trials, she was sentenced verbally to twenty years and later commuted verbally to ten. But again, they changed ten years to twenty years and this time it was announced in written form. Baha’i’s prisoners and their families as well as the Baha’i International Community have always told the authorities that they are totally innocent and without the slightest evidence they have been sentenced and imprisoned. In fact, all of them are innocent, if justice is done, they should all be released. They have spent three years now in prison. We hope that officials reconsider their cases and see that they are innocent and have totally benevolently serving humanity, citizens and their government in the best way possible and helped their fellow citizens and government. We hope that the Officials deal with this and justice be made and they can be released.



«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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