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An uncertain life for a journalist after almost five months,

“Jamshid Chahlangi” and challenges of being connected to the Voice of America”

2012 March 02

Arash Atashzad / mailed letter to Koocheh
Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

It has been over five months of suspense-building around “Jamshid Chahlangi”, the journalist of News Commentary program in VOA. And it is still not clear whether Mr. Chahlangi was fired just because another colleague replaced him for two programs or there is another story behind his expulsion.

 We have been witnessing so far other group dismissals in VOA and it seems that the general VOA policy that has always created tensions and conflicts between those who work in this media, remains  unchanged. Although with arrival of a well trained senior editor, who has worked at the BBC, the editorial of this media found a better situation, but still it seems that a long road is needed to achieve a peaceful and stable situation since those who decide for VOA do not work in VOA.

 Lay-Offs and dismissal in VOA do not shock anyone anymore. But many of those who were fired, returned to work after assessment. ”Koorosh Sehhati”, ”Ahmad Batebi”, ”Rudi Bakhtiar”, ”Mohsen Sazegara” were those who were called back, but a news commentary program founder such as Jamshid Chahlangi, a journalist who has nearly forty-five years of experience in journalism and was fired for no serious reason, is still in an uncertain situation. Even now, after five months, it is still not clear why Mr. “John Lennon” can not clearly announce for what Mr. Chahlangi was really been fired from the Voice of America. Is the issue really two days’ absence?

Of course, the same situation happened to another program ”Parazit”. Stopping a program with an audience of nearly eight hundred thousand just in Facebook page also seems to have an objective.

It is probably not necessary to raise all issues in this short post, but only if we assess the institution in New York whose job is to review Voice of America and Radio Farda, we can see that for the past four years, from 2007 to 2010 New Commentary program of voice of America, has been the most popular  program. Therefore, what really truly does it take to expel a most popular program host?

Perhaps in this post we can point out some cases to understand better. We can ask the question of whether the plans to expand their regional policy and presence and perhaps a closer relationship to open an office in Tehran, could be correct?

Another question we do not have to take seriously is: Is that true that Mr Hooman M. the official interpreter to Mr. Ahmadi Nejad, is the same person who does the assessments of VOA programs? If yes, they should answer the question: How come that the Iranian government’s trustee has been able to evaluate the news commentary program that criticize the internal policies of Iran? Again, I think that they would say that Mr. Hooman M. Has nothing to do with this assessments and the answer is No.

Anyways, whatever Mr. Lennon, BBG and the management team’s policy would be, programs that have been making the Voice of America popular are currently cut off.  Soon, it should be clear if Mr. Chahlangi Jamshid will be back to work or his file will be classified after six years production in VOA.
This story seems to be continued …


«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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