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Do we understand them?

«Violation and asperity for homosexualists»

2010 February 20

ArdavanRouzbeh/ Radio Koocheh

16 Feb 2010

We want to talk about homosexualist, one of the sexual minorities. Despite the Iran president opinion there are these kinds of people in Iran andthey would be violated for the lake of understanding about their sexual opinions.

Today’s ArdavanRouzbeh interview is with AlirezaNaeimiyan, one of those kind of people in Iran. He the homosexalist had been arrested by the Basijmilitias’ and after been assaulted by few of them and due to the pressure of Basij on juridical stuff, he couldn’t proof that and escaped from the country. This interview is considerable due to human rights and an the assaulted person.

Mr. Naeimiyan, some people who wanted to stay in the country has left there for reasons,you had been forced to leave the country. What was the reason?

Nearly two and half years ago while having a coffee-shope in Rudehen, I had been arrested and in quested by Basij’s stuff in a self-made town as a hidden site there, then they insulted and violated me.

When you talk about insulation it is very important to know whether that thing happened with the permission of their superior’s or was it intractable.

It was interesting for me that police had not any information about that place. When I claimed that I have been assaulted in that site, they said that such the place is unknown for them. I had taken there blindfold I didn’t know where I was. When I opened my eyes I saw the city of Roudehen below my feet. The police realized that there had been an abandoned site of Basij there which they used there as a place of detention or as they said “a place for serving us”.

Even though; the police chief had not any information about that place, but you think that place has been used for that things or the like?

Yes it has been used by Basij but the police had not any information about it. It took 2 months since I proved that I had been arrested by basij. The head of police there, enouce that if Basijcut the head of polices off, nothing would be happened. I told this statement to the police commander of Roudehen which placed in Damavand and he pounced at the magistrate and said:” How you dare to say so? A police country which assaulted by Basij ought to be destroyed.”

Have you announce any grievance officially after being assaulted by Basij stuffs?

One of my friends is an attorney and said they had not the permission to enter to your house. At first I couldn’t recognize whether they are Basij stuff or not because they wore casual clothes without any mark. I pursuit and found out that they had not the right to enter my house. Even an officer told me so and they took a declaration and forced me to sign. I went to Roudehen place of justices and opened a file. Unfortunately the Basij stuff had reached the file and found my new address and told me to do acquiescence or they would face me to dark days. So I forced to abandon the country.

Have you been in connection with the same person like you who had been assaulted?

Yes. A friend of mine wanted to come to my house but he didn’t arrive. After two days he called me and said: “They took me and they maul the gift which I bought for you and they assaulted me.” This had happened in Tehran.

If you or the persons like you who go to such Centre like this for any problem, how is the vision of justices system or society to the persons who has other sexual attitude or been homosexualist?

One of the reason that these things are happening in our country and it would not reviled and Mr. AhmadiNejad announced that we do not have any homosexualist is that he doesn’t care a fig to country’s affairs and let them to maul us and no one would say anything about it.

I will have TV-interview to show people that there are some who dwelldifferently in Iran and treated wrongly by the government. The entirepeople who have such a file in place of justices would not do this legally because Basij and Jasuics stuff are unchaste in these things.

I have been talking with one of your cohort. He said: “You do not hate that. Don’t you?” I replied: “Does it sound for you to serve a meal in a restaurant or you have been forced by hitting to eat a nosh?” Unfortunately others do not understand the differences of feelings. I am querulous with the one who introduced that cohort of you. If we want to gain a real democracy in Iran we have to do more. Unfortunately our journalist could not realize that feeling and said: “You like to be assaulted” but no one likes so. Does a woman like to get married and sleep with her husband or being assaulted by an unrighteous man?

Are you safe in this situation and the Turkish government would support you?

I have been in Turkey for 17 months and 5 refugees has been introduced to me by UN office or the like for sheltering them until they process their affairs or help them to find a house. Despite of my financial problem, I live alone because everyone hock me and during this time two of Iranian agent has come here and I saw that they were armed with weapon and manacles. This is the situation in refugee’s houses.

Especially after journalists became fugitive in Turkey it became worse for us. I haven’t got any respond for 11 months. The last time which the site had been updated none of us got any respond. When journalists or political bodies enter Turkey, the Islamic regime sends some to stultify them and that is dangerous for us.

Your effort is not enough for us. Our job is like a mortuary, every ill,black,white,fair and ugly person would be washed together. When your cohort interviews with me, their view changes. I sorrow for such kind of men who should see every one form one sight because they should be more literated. Also I have same problems with them. The reportings and news broad casting about them was not enough.

These things are not something especial for the Iranian police, also UN stuff are doing so. When they want to have inquiry with us and open a file they ask about every detail about us. It would be like a pornography movies if I tell you what they ask about us. Sometimes I said: “I am ashamed to answer to your question.” But they replied: “I have to know that.” I am sorry for such international organization which misbehavior us and enjoy to ask these kind of questions.

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