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A letter about Latif Hassani an Iranian prisoner

2014 July 05

 By: Azam Piri

I am Mrs. Azam Piri, the spouse of Dr. Latif Hasani (Araz), an Iranian Azerbayjani political prisoner- Deputy Secretary of Yeni Gamuh Organisation. I would like you to spare me a short time.

Considering I don’t know whether you have heard the news about my husband’s hunger strike, I must announce you that he started new era of his struggle under particular circumstances from 18 May 2015.  Violation of human and prisoners’ right, especially political prisoners, including harassment and torture is a serious matter as well as a more horrible act of threatening, summoning and interrogating the innocent families by intelligence and security forces are of those circumstances. Also, discrimination upon political prisoners, denial of leave under defined conditions, mixing different groups with different crimes and charges in small cells are his noticeable hunger strike driving forces. In addition of all, sending political prisoners to exile and disagreeing of transferring them to their home town jail which separates and isolates them from their families is a common and outstanding violation.


My husband accompanied with four of his Azerbayjani Political Activist collages Ayat Mehrali Beyglu (YURUSH), Behbud Gholizadeh, Shahram Radmehr, Mahmood Fazli each has been sentenced to nine years in jail accused of propagation against the regime and forming an illegal organization. Despite the fact that their families do not live in Tabriz, they are currently kept there and once last summer following their protest on the unfair sentence they were sent exile to Rajayi Shahr Prison.

The reason I am writing this letter is my concern over my husband’s health. He has undergone sever decrease in blood pressure as well as heart palpitations which makes his condition seriously fatal.

He had previously been arrested in 2010 and detained in a solitary cell for 7 months during which time was tortured by intelligence service forces. One of those violations was keeping him stood up for 13 days that was diagnosed by his doctor the reason behind his heart attack; however, they accepted his one week hospitalization under bail conditions.

As you might know, Tabriz Prison is lacking political prisoners’ cells and all kind of criminals are mixed with them, thus it is a protest against his right of imprisonment within political activist detainees which is asserted clearly in the Iranian law.

Although we live in Karaj, he is kept in Tabriz Prison so I have to travel by bus for 8hr to meet him for 20 minutes. Considering our economic conditions I cannot travel by flight so traveling by bus intensifies my serious back problem. During last one year I have been able to meet him just three times. I ask you sincerely to assist my husband to express his concern to all.

Yours faithfully,

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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