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“First International Mehregan Cyber-Feast”

2014 October 02

 Afsaneh Hojabri / Radio Koocheh


For the occasion of Mehregan, this ancient Iranian Autumn Festival, close to 30 cuisine bloggers and writers from around the world have initiated a Persian Food Round Up, to be launched simultaneously on October 9th.  These bloggers, among whom you will find published writers and world renowned cooks and chefs, will each post a classic Persian dish as they feel it relates to their autumn memories. Each blogger will also include links to all of the other blogger participants so that the “cyber-feast” would feel as collective and inclusive as possible.


Jashn-e Mehregan, second in significance only to the Persian New Year, Norooz, is traditionally held during the first six days of autumn, signifying Autumn Equinox. Among ancient Persians, Mehregan was an occasion to honor the god of justice, Mehr, and to celebrate the end of harvest season – it was and continues to be “a time for love and gratitude for life”.   It must be noted that Mehregan has gained particular significance in the past decade or so, especially among Iranian expatriates as a means not only of getting together but also introducing Iranian culture to the world and to resisting the Iran’s Islamic regime’s attempts to diminish the importance of ancient Persian culture and traditions.

Although there is not a specific food item related to Jashn-e Mehregan (as it is to other Iranian festivities such as Aash-e reshteh to Festival of Fire, or sweets and Herb-mixed rice and fish to the Norooz), this unique imitative centers around Persian Fall Foods. Perhaps another proof that “Food brings people together on many different levels: It’s nourishment of the soul and body; it’s truly love.” (Giada De Laurentiis).

So, if you love Persian food, or open to loving it, make sure to plug in on Oct. 9th  and follow the hashtag #Mehregan2014. Platters and pages heaped up with savory and colorful foods and tales will be awaiting you!

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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  1. mahsa

    salam afsaneh jan khub hastid ,mikhastam bbinam shoma dge afsaneh khane ro up nemikonid ?man khaily az dastoorat ghazi shoma estefade mikonam ,va be doostan ham tosiye mikonam va khahesh mikonam age baratoon maghdoor hast dobare afsane khane ro up konid batashakor mahsa

  2. afsaneh

    خیلی‌ ممنونم از مهر شما مهسا جان. به دلیل گرفتاری زیاد فعلا امکان بازگشت به افسانه‌خانه برایم میسر نیست، اما در وب‌نوشتم در خدمت هستم. شاید در آینده. باز هم سپاس