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An article about violence against women in Iran

2014 December 19

Author: Maryam Barari


As we take a look at subjects and articles about violence against women,we encounter this view that,violence exists in all countries.It’s just more terrible in some and less in the others.The reason is that,in many people’s point of view,violence is just beating,sexual harassment ,etc.However violence is not just a broken hand or a blue eye.The violence which is being applied to the women in iran,is too worse than these.If you tell people in some western countries like Sweden about the problems and violences against women in iran,It would be unbelievable,Strange and even funny.Now we consider some examples:

Cycling which is one of the most basic rights of human,is forbidden for Iranian women in public and It’s against Islamic laws.From Iran’s government point of view.Even in family area,this is man who is the boss and there is no rights equality.Man has the right to apply many restrictions against his wife.’’you are not allowed to wear this dress’’ ‘’you must not keep in touch with that person’’ ‘’you shouldn’t go to such work’’ and many other examples.This discrimination also exists about siblings and the freedoms which are given to the boy,even in the families that are more intellectual,are more than the girl.You can see these issues in iran obviously


.For example the boy has this possibility to hang out with his friends till whenever he likes and have fun.He can have a girl friend.He is allowed to smoke,dress whatever he wants,laugh loudly,etc.However the girl doesn’t have any of these rights.Going back home lately,having a boyfriend,smoking,wearing open dresses and even laughing loudly is akward and unacceptable.The view to women in family and society is a view to a weak person that her self-confidence is being ruined and make her to be dependant.If we continue a bit,we come to virginity issue before marriage.The issue which has caused many spiritual and physical hurts.Anxieties of a young girl who has lost her virginity!Fear from understanding of family specially the father’s family on one hand and the importance if this issue when getting married on the other hand would face the girl with big challenges.It’s still common in iran in 21st century to give virginity tests before marriage.We can consider this issue from another aspect.Many girls in iran do oral sex in order to have sexual pleasure and also not to lose virginity and so they accept so many spiritual and physical problems themselves.The necessity of virginity is also specified to the girls and no one would ask the groom he has had sex before his marriage or not.Even if the answer is positive for man,there is no problem cause he is a man.Besides the discrimination that is being applied by the families to the girls and by the man to his wife,Iran’s regime also applied discriminatory laws against women in family circle.It’s interesting that Iran’s statesmen claim that,they are defenders of women’s rights.So it would be amazing if we take a look at article 1117 of Iran’s civil law which says:the man can prevent his wife from her job regards with his discretion.It seems that women’s sense is not in the same level of their man!And this is the man who should determine her good.It’s also in Iran’s civil law that a man has this right to do temporary marriage without his wife’s permission.Let’s ask ourselves if women can do temporary marriage,Even with their husband’s permission.The answer is very obvious.Not only it’s not possible but also if a woman who is married has a relationship with another man,she is going to be executed or stoned.The 6verse in nour chapter says:’’and men who accuse their wives to adultery ,if they can’t find 4 witnesses,they can testify four times themselves in god’s way cause he is fromtruthful people’’.Pay attention!A man can testify four times in god’s way and accuse his wife to execution.Let’s take a look at another law which is really discriminatory.It’s written in Iran’s civil law that a man can divorce his wife whenever he wants.Now imagine a woman who wants to divorce.It wouldn’t be possible too and she would face a lot of different laws in order to stop her.


And while we take a look at the society,we get noticed that women’s problems are not just restricted to family.There are a lot of tiny or noticeable cases which are rooted in the sort of leadering iran’s present society.From being undisagreeable of lossing by men and women to each other till acid attacks and executions which are being done nowadays,all and all show the anti woman nature of present regyme of iran.The regyme which is restricting women more and more by obligatory hijab.This obligatory hijab itself is the most obvious symptom of sexual discrimination in iran.Moreover,clashes and causes of not having acceptable hijab are also palpable in different parts of the society.Clashes of universities’ disciplinary committies which can even cause expulsion from university,arrested by culture tour,costedy of women’s car who don’t have acceptable hijab and even the women who wear colorfull clothes since they can make a woman attractive,not having permission to watch sport games in the stadiums,impossibility of entrance to some hospitals without having chador,even preventing women who don’t have acceptable hijab from their flight in the airports,not accepting them to be employed in many of governmental organizations,are examples of some problems that women encounter in society.Besides the annoyance that these limitations cause for women,they prevent them from progress and success.For example women are not allowed to sing and they can do it together with men at most.There is no possibility to have jobs like pilotage and verdict.Women can not be judge in many cases and even some cases which need somebody’s witness,women’s witness is counted half!If we add some other phenomenon’s like acid attacks and assault with knife to these problems and restrictions,we can imagine the depth of catastrophe in present society of iran.The question is that,who is responsible for these barbaric anti woman actions?concurrency of isfehan imam jome speeches ‘mohammad taghi rahbar’ and ‘Ahmad Khatami’ who is one the extremists of Islamic republic of iran to acid attacks in isfehan and hooliganisms in jahrom is a key to find the answer.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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