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After navy commandoes not faced with people;

«Navy Commanders disseated and sent to jail»

2010 March 15

Exclusive Report from Radio Koocheh

After ten month from 10th Iran presidential election, still some reports are unclear revealed after several months.

The news has claim that after vast pro-election protests, not a news said anything about any pro-action or anything against people from Iranian army, many of navy commander and officers or soldiers have been disseated, jailed or proscription in army court because of disobedience from orders  of chief navy commanders who told them to face people of Shiraz and Bushehr.

This trial has shown that the 2nd navy zone of army should be evacuated within 10 years and transferred to revolutionary guard. This zone is set in Jaask port and called “Mantagheh dovom-e- Velayat”. The 2nd brigade of navy commandos of “Mohammad Rasoolollah” army which is an epic and operating unit of this army under command of revolutionary guards is sent to face the protesters in Shiraz and Bushehr, after riot occurred in June.

In this beating call, a command has sent to the brigade which has trained commandos of army to face the people but brigade officers claim their objection on the command of chief commander of revolutionary guard and call it something opposite of army aims.

It is necessary to say that there is a chief commander in every zone who is the head of any military personnel and they should obey him in critical situation according to a rule sighted by superior council of national security and conformed by every army. In the last decade regardless to the number of personnel, this command has always dedicated to Islamic revolution guard.

After these protests and contumacy to face people, this command repealed by General Sayari but this was not the end.

Every military who committed in the contumacy had called by military courts and in the surreptitious sessions, their military posts and chief commandeering repealed.

By the justices of military court, these chiefs are exile to far places or islands or some of them had fated to long lasting prison.

After these changings in 2nd navy unit and brigade of especial force in Jaask, the programmed maneuver of these troops which happened every 6 month in Persian Gulf and Oman Sea, has not taken place. Some say the reason is capturing of commanders of this troops and critical situation in it.

In this condition; because of importance of this matter, not formal news has revealed about military people support. Some resources said this is due to intensive activities of army security stuff for not presenting any supporting of army pro the people. This is revealed after several months and sending those commanders into jail.

After surveying several sources, Radio Koocheh claims that according to some informed ones, some of the seized were under the sever pressure of inquest and forced to accept the scandal of being spy for aliens in navy.

According to article 17 and 18 of chapter 2 of military and national security offences law, they have been imprisonment for one to five years in these courts.

Accordingly it is heard from navy that the vast changings are still going on. Such as lieutenant colonel seyed Mahdi Hossseiny who has been head of the called commandos brigade to Shiraz replaced with lieutenant colonel Hasan Heydary who has ties with security section of army.

Finally it should be noted that the families of these militaries who dwell in navy units have forced not to reveal anything about their families to Medias.

Here is the list of some of captives:

Navy Capitan Behruz N dp to Jaask.

Lieutenant colonel Mehdi H remained Unknown.

Lieutenant colonel Saeed E has been jailed to Shokri navy unit of Bushehr for five years.

Navy Major Akbar H has been jailed to Shokri navy unit of Bushehr for five years.

Navy Major Ali F has been jailed to Shokri navy unit of Bushehr for four years.

Ensign Sajad M has been jailed for 4 years and exile to Kenark for one year serving.

Navy chief warrant officer Rahim SH has been jailed for 4 years in Kenarak.

Navy major Saeed M has been jailed to Bandar Abbas.

Navy Major Mansour M has been jailed to Shokri navy unit of Bushehr for two years.

Lieutenant colonel Vahid B has been jailed to Shokri navy unit of Bushehr for two years.

These personnel were part of 23 seized personnel who trailed secretly in military courts.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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