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“‌altruism doesn’t relate to nationality, being Iranian or American”

2010 July 06

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Whenever there is conflict between the ruling Governments willingly or if People should be involved in the clashes. But humanity and Communication always have a new word. Subject of Ardavan Roozbeh’s interview has story tonight.

Every year, nearly ten years that an American aircraft carrier in Malaysia Side is a group of volunteers that this ship and the Marines Commanders and crew volunteer to help new bar and cleaning center Maintenance of children who are mentally retarded and disabled. They come three days or more to paint the walls and repair failure.

This volunteer work is a big contradiction. Soldiers with the phantom ship , missiles are always ready for battle but now they paint the wall here.

Now would be interesting to know that the Central Board in children Held and named “Dice Putra” is an Iranian – Malaysian Ms.” Elahe”.

This opportunity was a little beyond paint wall in center to speak about the American Marine   Listen to the  Ardavan Roozbeh’s  interview with Ms.” Elahe”:

we saw an article in a local newspaper in Malaysia in connection with American Navy who work  on ship and  cooperate with you  and clean  the center which  you keep children.

Explain that what do these soldiers   in the center of America Navy do In your Maintenance center   of Mentally retarded children?

Institute “Taspotra” is an institution of NGO and non-governmental organization. And we should ask all people in society in terms of financial and social help to run it. We have a relationship with all people And ask them for help. One of the countries want to help us is America. When American ships Navigator arrive to Kuala Lumpur, help in NGOs organizations.

Before that  some one who is responsible comes from America Embassy, and says where soldiers go and we will talk. Asks us what Things we need to do to soldiers. They do Electrical, technical, paint and cleaning up stuffs. Of About five thousand people work on the ship , at least 60 of whom sign the paper and  help in non-governmental organizations. We had a chance  to includes the American Embassy’s list and they help us.

It began about eight years ago and it was very welcome. They not only clean place, but they make sense there in Malaysia which is encouraging for the people. This time the ship had 50 people Came to help. Second Central Branch “Taspotra” needs painting. So they came for three days. They take necessary Accessories. The council knows that America Embassy Sends these guys for help, so gives us cars in transporting waste things. They even cut the trees and clean. Because in normal process it takes about three months that the council turns our will and cut Trees. But when the power comes from outside this work Is done earlier .They play with kids, play music and sing the song, and this is very interesting for kids.

You live in a country that large sections of it are Muslims. How is Statesmen look to American soldiers here?

I think when people are helping organizations NGOs, each one will welcome it. Especially those organizations keep elderly people and children. And know that these organizations do not have a lot of money.  That’s why all welcome and no one has problem with being American. These soldiers are not only in Malaysia but every where do these things. And encourage others to kindness and to help fellow.

Malaysia is a safe country and has a consistent policy so they Come to Malaysia and are fine. If The political problem occur the police Will care. The press publishes this work.

Americans and Iranians Governments have tensions together of the past few years. Noting that you are Iranian – Malaysian and soldiers are American, did you feel conflict or You feel there is no sense in troops?

I had a strange feeling of the early work. The first time that we were invited to the party  to a ship, we were at the  part of the ship that Bombs  were on top of our heads, and they said this ship anchors in the “Persian Gulf”, I told myself, how is it possible that  these people who are so kind, falls the bombs over people’s head ? At first that was difficult for me but when I saw they work with sincerity, I agree. Even there was a Polish man who taught Islam and Before the ship gets to  Malaysia, teach the soldiers how to treat  Muslims to be accepted. It was interesting for me. I think one reason is behind the heart of anyone who is religious. Because all Religions of the world persist on having a sense of cooperation and being good.

For the first time that American soldiers came to the center, of what food did you cook?

We have a very limited budget and cannot pay for it. Many times people brought food for them. But this time more friendship I Loved to cook my own meals for them. I served chicken which was filled with Iranian and Malaysian vegetables. And always serve fresh coconut juice to drink. The time between eating there is an opportunity to speak. Some of them were  Filipino, Mexican, and the number of South American countries , all told that: “We have  Many Iranians friends.”  Iran is not a country to hide. They knew I am Iranian and when I talked to them about my country, they really loved.

You mean soldiers who come to the center regardless of color and policy, come for friendship?

America is like a trading company. They like the social connections. Like people to know that in spite of political relations but they are human like us.

And they have feeling. We as a Muslim should strengthen Cooperatives and friendship feeling inside ourselves and we tell that Muslims are good people. Good and bad people are everywhere with every religion and nationality. I cannot tell because I’m Iranian I am good   and   an American is politics.

I remember the critical situation in Iraq and America did a lot of destruction there.  At that time director general hotel “Renaissance” that has branches in the world told me: “I am feelings of inferiority of being an American.”

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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