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Kooche Mahtabi - Professor Ilia,

“Avatar, Ruhollah’s representative or password Ramallah‌–‌Hezbollah?”

2010 July 07

Ardavan Taheri / Radio Koocheh

Translated from Persian by Avideh Motmaen-Far

It all started when someone tagged me on Facebook in a movie called “Professor Ilia M. Ramallah”. In this movie, a young girl was talking about her first meeting with this professor of ”Intrinsic Science” on a snowy night. She explained that her professor picked up a dead bird on the ground and asked her to decapitate the dead bird. Then he plucked the bird and brought him back to life and put it on a tree. So far I didn’t take it very seriously. But when I saw a few comments of other people regarding this film I commented: ” waoooo! you guys rock!  I don’t know what else to say!” and one of the followers of this so called Professor commented back: ”Those who were friends stayed in the shrine keepers heart / and those who were not, remained in denial.” Since I found this comment too arrogant, I saddled my journalistic horse and went on the journey searching about this so called Professor.

In the first valley where I arrived there was the personal “website” that I knew was not of a fairy kind because it was written black on white ”Professor Ilia M. Ramallah- Peyman Fattahi”. Entering this valley with the high speed internet was not very difficult!

In this valley I saw an autobiography of Mr. ”Payman Fattahi” which made me more curious about this

claimer of  “love secrets and drunkenness”. This autobiography was full of illusion, deceit and paranoid

thoughts! Kind of thinking that is not irrelevant with a long term political-security plan! Somewhere in this autobiography Mr. Fattahi “says:

” I was born in a big family. Within there was many congregations, multicolour; best place for studying anthropology, because each of the members could be considered to be presenting the outcome of a class of people. To perfect my knowledge of anthropology it was enough to watch them sometimes.”

I am not sure but perhaps “Peyman Fattahi” was affected by the famous serial “My oncle Napoleon” which critics believed that” Iraj Pezeshkzad “under the direction of ” Nasser Taghvai ” showed a typical family of the Iranian society of that time. Or maybe this gentleman believes that he dominates the knowledge of Anthropology by deep understanding of his own family. Now with a glance at his autobiography, ”Peyman Fattahi” known as ”Professor Ilia” we see:

Peyman Fattahi:
When Imam that I really liked died,  I hurried to come to Tehran thinking that I could bring him back to life. I was in such a hurry that I travelled to Tehran wearing still my pyjama.

”At that time from my perspective, I knew that I was able to bring a dead to life, but this was not true, it was an expansion of a small reality which took a larger dimension! This thought made me believe that I can bring Imam [Khomeini] that I really liked, to life when he died. I hurried to come to Tehran. I was in such a hurry that I travelled to Tehran wearing still my pyjama. This was the reason that everyone mocked me and nobody listen to me.”

I only mention this issue; should we really believe that someone who travels hundreds of kilometres to  Tehran to bring his Imam to life, wears a pyjama because he was in a hurry? I remember someone saying that to enter mystic discussions, one should pay a tax so no one will be allowed to destroy the auspicious trends in mysticism.

My acute horse arrived to the third valley where he saw in the arrogance of the student, the arrogance of the Master, where “Payman Fattahi” defines for his followers:

” I was almost 16.  Master Prophet asked me to research about the new metaphysics and parapsychology. But nothing remarkable I found in the books at that time as there was not much translated. I looked at hundred books and found nothing. It was not even possible to find even two or three sentences in one or two of those books about these subjects. New knowledge about Intrinsic Science was far beyond compared to the old knowledge…So I started to gather and study the outcome of my researches, views and results of what I had since my childhood until I was 16; this was the conclusion [ : ] Invention of methods, techniques and knowledge that I named later Spirit creating paranormal arts and intrinsic technology and also called xyz. In this system that I considered as an ultra-system and ultra-network, there was something of different esoteric schools of thought and different systems of intrinsic science but didn’t really looked like any of them. Perhaps less than ten percent would come from  these schools and other methods, but much of it was due to my innovation, creativity and findings…’

So I arrived to the forth valley where Mr. ” Peyman” anticipates very smartly the questions that would have been asked about his cooperation with religious extremists such as ”Ansar Hezbollah” and he would have said that he has already said what he has done! In this part of his autobiography he says:

” Since then various groups from different cities of Tehran and Hezbollah were active and I met some of these currents. My interaction with one of these groups was as an accused. […] during the time I was in contact with one of the extremist group named… they consulted with me about their activities, they accepted my ideas and plans and I was in the position to decide for their defendants. Hair styles, different clothes, loud music and these kind of things could be due to attitudes…There I had a very entertaining experience: To save and release.  Although this was a limited physical and symbolic act, but the effect was lasting. In this collaboration, the sweetest moments was the moment of saving the accused! Sometimes I had to transfer them to the detention and after a few moments I released them instead of transferring them to the detention. This created a good relationship between me and those called ”western kids” . In the following years our relationship became deeper and  even more meaningful…”

What do you think? Has Mr. ”Fattahi” said the truth?

“Peyman Fattahi” tries to purify himself about his cooperation with security forces, and continues:

”I decided to create a few Hezbollah groups of different nature! A group who can give a new meaning to the name Hezbollah that was mixed with violence in people’s mind. I wanted to defend God and introduce his party with the most strong and bright thoughts to people. I did not want to create an operational and administrative group. I wanted people to create new ideas and solutions within Hezbollah. I wanted to create soft ideas and avoid violence. So I created 2, 3 different groups. A group who preached the good and denied the injunctions that later appeared  in the form of divine unity of Hezbollah and the God’s united nation. The other group was Ruhollah force whose performance was in the field of mental abilities and brain development. They were in contact with some groups of Hezbollah and this created an indirect relationship between us.”

I do not know why when I repeat the name ”Professor Ilia, I remember the face of ”Amir Farshad Ebrahimi”. Of course after he fell into the jarre ”Diogene”.

In the fifth valley, ”Peyman Fattahi” talks about his names and titles:

“Before publishing the book Teachings, I was called by the name Mr. Fattah, professor, sir or similar things, but after the book was published, I was called Avatar, grand professor, Prophet… And I sent a message to stop the access to this book, and so it was!”

In my opinion if “Peyman Fattahi” is not a “Professor” in anything, he is professor in acuteness or at least he has outstanding teachers in deceiving minds. In the film “readout the inquisition file of professor Ilia M”, where I travelled with my horse to the sixth valley, a lady called ”Parys Keynezhad” explains:

Apparently “Professor Ilia” has figured it all out and predicted that one day arrives that me ”Ardavan Taheri” or someone from this side of the world, saddles his horse and pursues this “Professor Ilia” and get to the “password” that exists for the relationship between “Hezbollah” and ”Ramallah”; I mean the relationship between radical Islamic groups like Hezbollah and the City “Ramallah” in the Palestinian Territories.

”In the name of God, I am ”Parys Keynezhad”, a students of ”Professor Elias Ramollah” and I want to be the voice of the person whose voice is strangled in the horrible crypt of section 209 of Evin prison and his torturers think that no one hears him through the thick walls. And are unaware that I hear those cries in the silence. Today, I am left with the responsibility of delivering this voice.”

Somewhere in the film (5:48) Ms. “Parys Keynezhad” quotes “Peyman Fattahi”:

“He was saying that we have hundreds of writers, we have many medias who cooperate with us, we have television and radio and with some gatherings, we destroy your name and reputation […]”.

Well that is a good thing that “Professor Peyman”, has already called people like me the writers of the Islamic Republic, perhaps at least here it is in our interest to have been called that way.

Now do you want to know what happened in the seventh valley? Not that I am ”Ferdossi” to have ”Seven Labours” (Haft Khan) nor ”Attar” to have the “Seven valleys” (Haft Shahr).  I am “Ardvan Taheri”. To tell the truth, even this “journalist horse” is also borrowed from ”Radio Koocheh” otherwise I do not see myself as a ”rogue horse journalist”.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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  2. Avideh Motmaen-Far

    Dear Mr Abbas or whatever your name might be,
    If you are able to surpass my prose, by all means, be my guest, but I would like to be noted that quality of work is as always in the eye of the beholder.