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Koocheh Mahtabi- Transparency of the Islamic Republic of escaping reality

”Conflict with Human Science”

2010 July 28

Ardavan Taheri/Radio Koocheh

Translated from Persian By Avideh Motmaen-Far

After the coup of 12 June 2009, relations, policies and behaviors of the Islamic Republic has undergone extensive changes. One of these changes in terms of regime’s opposition to universities and academics were made public with the speech of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the 30th day of August 2009, in presence of all professors and faculty members, scholars and heads of universities and research centers. ”Mr. Khamenei”, referring to almost two million students studying in the fields of Human Sciences, said: ” Human Sciences, are based on philosophies that are based on principles of materialism and unbelief and teachings of this science lead to unbelief of divine teachings and Islamic education in the universities and promote doubt in the foundations of religious belief.

” This explicit theory of the supreme leader, led many extremists, either by personal convictions or to follow the leader – to show openly their hatred of the University and the scholars. “Kamran Daneshjoo” who at the time of the mock tenth presidential elections, was Deputy to Interior Minister ”Sadegh Mahsooli”, and responsible of the elections headquarters, rigged people’s vote as well as he could and sailed the ship of the Coup to destination. As the Minister of Science, Research and Technology, he is one of the busiest person in the implementation of the ”cleaning up of dissidents and opponents of the Coup Government” policy in the Universities.

“Kamran Daneshjoo” on 24th of April 2010, in presence of members of the ”Consolidation of Unity” student organization, said: ” We are going to deal with secular teachers and we have plans how to do it.” In this context, he added: “We do not need the professors who do not agree with Islamic view.” By the same token and in a more elaborated form, Minister of Science at the third meeting of the Executive Board on how universities attract and pay teachers emphasized: ” Faculties must be attracted to a path that have been drawn by people on December the 30th and February the 11th.”

“Kamran Daneshjoo” with this final word, declares that the criteria for recognizing secular professors opposed to the Islamic view as being the dramatic march of the coup government on December the 30th and February the 11th. So, being against secularism and human sciences means clearly being against academics who opposed the coup government in the universities and have not offered allegiance to it.

Of course, we should understand Mr. “Daneshjoo” and his allies in the think room of the Coup Government to be so angry against the academics, because we are witnessing one of the brightest moments of universities in Iran to protest against the dictatorship and totalitarianism.

Mr. “Haery Shirazy”, member of the Assembly of Experts, at the monthly Medical Society meetings that was held on July 23, 2010, called the University ” Road of the devil ” and said:” Satan of our times enters through the University and practices his corruption. Today, the Jewish has been entered by the road of Human Science, creates scientific issues, and becomes influential. ”  In the same direction, “Hassan Naderymanesh”, Deputy to Minister of Educational Science, Research and technology, has said:” If any faculty member faced religious and security problems during the recruitment, he must be held accountable and all regulations related to this topic will follow in the universities. ”   I wonder where this organized opinion finds its roots. Since I was familiar in a period of my life with doctor “Reza Davari Ardakani”‘s thoughts, I guessed that maybe one of the theorist that Mr. “Khamenei” trusts is Mr.

” Ardekani,” and by research and investigation I found other examples of this trust.  ”Reza Davari Ardakani”, Tehran University philosophy professor and head of the Iranian Academy of Sciences says: ”At first glance the term Islamic University seems to be a paradox. Although the University is not apparently against religion, but it is secular and independent from religion by nature. University has been established for the world affairs and all sciences are taught there. “

”Reza Davari Ardakani”, member of the Supreme Revolutionary Cultural Council, on Religion and the University confrontation says: “When the university was established it was not because of being against religion, but we should note that the University is a secular concept. University is the place where science is taught by methods and there is no limitation to what is taught. It means that although beliefs may not be incompatible, but in the end during the research, beliefs should be set aside, but can I not speak of religious learning in science? ” ”Reza Davari Ardakani”, pupil to “Fardid school” explains the features of a secular university: ”A person who is educated in secular universities, especially in the Human Sciences -even if religious – is not able to relate to theorems and the religion. “

Mr. Ardakani’s’ thoughts and arbitrations in conflict with the basis and nature of “philosophy” – at least -as the mother of human sciences, are the key discourses of the leader of the Islamic Republic.

“Doctor Gholam Hossein Ebrahimi Dinany” in the book “Nasir- Aldin Tussi, philosopher discussion” on page 387 in defence of philosophy says: ”From Nasir- Aldin Tussi’s point of view, defending philosophy, is not defending any one in particular, philosophy is not affiliated to a person.”

As philosophy is a way to reflect on phenomenons- and not affiliated to a person, how can it be depending on unreasonable demands of an inflamed political system? The Islamic Republic has started the arrest and expulsion of students and academics, to preserve the regime in the name of ideology. But how far and how long would they be able to control the students protests in the universities? There is a clear answer that history will witness.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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