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The 5th Day,

«Hunger Strike in Evin Prison»

2010 August 01

Hussein NooraniNejad, the head of the Information Committee of Iran’s Participation Front, and 15 other political prisoners went on hunger strike and were transferred to solitary cells in Evin prison after their objection to the inappropriate behavior of the prison’s officials. While passing their 5th day of hunger strike, there is no news of their condition.

Hussein NooraniNejad was arrested on 17th September 2009 in his sister’s apartment on charges of propaganda against the regime and collusion to hold gatherings and disturbing public opinion.

Although the Revolutionary court has set his bail at 100 million tomans ($100,000), his lawyers couldn’t change his detention into a release-on-bail. Judge Moghiseh denied changing his detention to bail release.

Following the issue, Hussein NooraniNejad trail was held on 17th and 30th January in Revolutionary Court, branch 28 and finally in a delayed trail on 14th February, he was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment.

On 18th February, Parastoo Sarmadi, Hussein’s wife, informed that he was threatened by the authorities for informing her husband’s situation. She was forced to leave Tehran.

On 19th February, Hussein was transferred to ward 350 from ward 209. The appeals court, branch 54 reduced his sentence to 1 year imprisonment on 16th March.

According to the law, Hussein NooraniNejad has currently served more than half of his prison sentence and can use the conditional-release benefit. However, the interrogators of the Ministry of intelligence denied his conditional-release. NooraniNejad family has been to the court for several times but found out that the interrogators prevented granting him conditional release. On 16th June, Tehran’s prosecutor notified that the inquiry about granting prison leave to him has been denied by the Ministry of Intelligence.

Offensive and inappropriate behavior of ward 350 officials of Evin Prison with the political prisoners and their families caused the protests of the prisoners. However, this resulted in transferring 16 prisoners including Hussein NooraniNejad from their cells to solitary confinement.

Hussein NooraniNejad and other prisoners went on hunger strike to object this matter. political prisoners and their families are treated offensively while the article 39 of Iran’s Constitution states blankly that “ All affronts to the dignity and repute of persons arrested, detained, imprisoned, or banished in accordance with the law, whatever form they may take, are forbidden and liable to punishment”.

Evin prison warden, SedaghatNia, the head of ward 350, Bozorgnia and Tehran’s Prosecutor have not reacted this hunger strike, when, Peyman KarimiAzad has been hospitalized because of his tense physical condition.

The names of these prisoners transferred to solitary cells are:

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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