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«Press Conference at Gartenbaukino»

2010 October 13

Ardavan Taheri / Radio Koocheh

Translated by AvidehMotmaen-Far

After several weeks of impatience, excitement, exchanging emails and phone calls with ”Antonella Cerullo”, responsible of news headquarters of Vienna Film Festival (Viennale), finally on Tuesday, October 12, 2010 at 6pm, despite a severe cold and high fever I found my way to the the entrance hall of the ”Gartenbaukino”; The theatre that was inaugurated simultaneously with the first ”Viennale” in 1960.

The ”Gartenbaukino” entrance hall was quite busy, and everyone was given the promotional gifts and brochures related to the festival. To enter the theatre, we had to pass through a door where they were offering the birthday cake of the tenth anniversary of the telephone company ”A Eins” (A 1) one of the main sponsors of ”Viennale”. Of course, I could not taste the tempting colorful cake made with the famous Vienna ”Sacher-Torte” mixed with jam and chocolate because my respectful Doctor does not allow me such a treat these days.

It is strange how Austrian podiums exactly like Iranian tribunes make you loose-tongued and multiloquious

At 18:30, the festival “trailer” of Thai filmmakers, ”Apichatpong Weerasethakul”, winner of Palme d’Or, Cannes 2010, the arrival of ”Hans Hurch”, Executive Director of ”Viennale” and ”Alexander Horwath”, head of the Austrian Film Museum to the stage, marked the beginning of the Opening Press Conference of forty-eightieth Vienna International Film Festival.

The beautiful ”Gartenbaukino” with its 736 seats, hosted some 200 professionals of the media and cinema. The City Councillor for Cultural Affairs, ”Doctor Andreas Mailath-Pokorny” was expected to be present at this meeting. But perhaps, to quote, ”Hans Hurch”, Mr ”Andreas Mailath-Pokorny” was too busy to attend this Press Conference after the elections this past Sunday in Vienna. Mr. ”Hurch”, Executive Director of “Viennale”, despite what he said that he tries not to be too long at the beginning of his speech, but for an hour long,  talked about many various subjects, including cinemas, material and spiritual supporters of the festival. It is strange how Austrian podiums exactly like Iranian tribunes make you loose-tongued and multiloquious.

Hans Hurch” somewhere in his speech, expressed hope that the ”Gartenbaukino” be able to continue to be a partner of ”Viennale” and with the support of cultural institutions in Vienna and especially ”Doctor Andreas Mailath-Pokorny” have the possibility of reconstruction and be equipped with new up-to-date technology. Later on, ”Alexander Horwath”, president of the Austrian Film Museum also thanked the French Embassy and the French Cultural Forum in Austria for their collaboration referring to the ceremony and retrospectives of “Éric Rohmer”, the prominent French ”New Wave” director and explained the details of the appreciation program of the praised late French filmmaker.

The Forty-eightieth Press Conference of ”Viennale” ended at 8Pm without any questions and answers, but there will be certainly morenews and I will be with you till the end of this film festival; Ardavan Taheri, Radio Koocheh, Vienna.

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