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Viennale Flash News

”Introducing Viennale’s theatres”

2010 October 17

Ardavan Taheri / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far/Radio Koocheh

I am Ardavan Taheri, special correspondent for Radio Koocheh, in direct from Vienna reporting on the forty-eighth Vienna International Film Festival, ”Viennale”. In five days, the official opening of the forty-eighth ”Viennale” will take place. Tonight, it is probably a good opportunity to take our time to have a look at the theatres hosting ”Viennale” together. I thought it would have been a good thing to set the mood already.

It is probably a good opportunity to take our time to have a look at the theatres hosting  Viennale together

Metro Kino

Passing by the Vienna Opera, (Wiener Staatsoper), walking through the street Kärntner Straße and the intersection Philharmonikerstraße, the third street on the right hand side leads us to the famous Johannes Alley, (Johannesgasse). At number 4 Johannesgasse, only 5 minutes away from the Vienna Opera, ”Metro Kino” glares right next to the famous Vienna Conservatory (Konservatorium Wien). This beautiful and traditional cinema in Vienna has been used by “The Austrian Film Archive” (Filmarchiv Austria) since the summer of 2002. This beautiful hall of the 1920’s that has been one of the most important centres for movies and performance in Vienna, will be hosting this year also as a partner of the Vienna International Film Festival,  eager spectators of ”Viennale”.


Again, in front of the magnificent building of the Opera of Vienna, we take the tramway number 2 and get off at the second stop ”Weihburggasse”. In less than 3 minutes we reach Gartenbaukino at 12 Parkring in the first district of the city of Vienna exactly where the Press Conference were hosted last Tuesday, October 12, 2010. This Old Hall is considered as one of the most memorable cinema halls in Vienna since 1960. Gartenbaukino with 736 seats, is the last classical theatre hall of its kind in Vienna. What has made this old hall a lasting fame is the fact that the ”Premiere” of newly produced films are released there. Nevertheless on Thursday, October 21 at 19:30 ”Viennale” will be opened officially with the screening of the French film, “Humans and Gods” (Des hommes et des dieux) by ”Xavier Beauvois”.

Urania Cinema

To get there, we get off the same tramway two stops further, at ”Rob Julius Square” (Julius-Raab-Platz). Now we are standing in front of the famous Urania cinema, located at one Urania street. This is the third location of ”Viennale”. Urania complex was inaugurated along with an Observatory by ”Emperor Franz Joseph” in 1910. This ”Art Nouveau” or ”Jugendstil” ‘s style building construction started in 1909 based on the plan of the Austrian-Italian Architect ”Max Fabiani”. ”Fabiani” was ”Otto Wagner” ‘s disciple, the famous Austrian architecture and Urbanist. ”Urania” was considered as the major strategic cultural centre of Central European Cinema of the 1920’s. In eight of June 1928, the first non-Austrian short film was released in this cinema. Perhaps this is the reason why Urania is a partner of The Vienna International Film Festival ”Viennale”.


We need to get on the tramway number 2 and go 3 stops backwards to Schwarzenberg square (Schwarzenbergplatz). From there we can walk towards Stadtkino located at 7 – 8 Schwarzenbergplatz. This movie theater is another old traditional cinema in the third district of the city of Vienna. It was inagurated in 1916 and named ”Schwarzenbergkino” at that time. Since 1981 following the reconstruction of the building and equipments, its name changed to ”Stadtkino”. This cinema is also one of the oldest art cinemas (Filmkunstkino) and the place where Author Films (Autorenfilm) are screened in Vienna and another host of  ”Viennale”.

Künstlerhaus Kino

If we take the first right and walk northwest from Stadtkino to ”Lothringerstraße” where we trun left and after passing by the building “Music Forum” (Musikverein) we reach Akademiestraße. The number 13 of this street is the “Artists Theatre” (Künstlerhaus Kino). The cinema is one of the last independent cinemas in Vienna located in an artistic environment. The opening of this movie theatre goes back to 1947 when the Artists Association, agreed on the necessity of creating a meeting place for art films. The movie theatre was then inaugurated by the efforts of the members of this association. This movie theatre from the start, was considered as the leading place for ”Avantgarde” and ”Experimental” films. It also became known today with ”Viennale” for the gathering of locals and theater lovers.

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