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”Viennale opening ceremony had a political cachet”

2010 October 22

Ardavan Taheri/Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far/Radio Koocheh

The forty-eighth opening ceremony of the Vienna Film Festival, ”Viennale” was held in downtown Vienna last night, Thursday, 21 October 2010, at the cinema ”Gartenbaukino”. The Viennale two-minute trailer ”Empire”, of the Thai filmmaker, winner of the Golden Palm in ”Cannes” Festival in 2010, ”Apichatpong Weerasethakul”, followed by the Vienna Cultural Committee Chairman ”Andreas Mailath-Pokorny” ‘s speech marked the beginning of this festival. After Doctor “Mailath-Pokorny” ‘s speech, ”Eric Pleskow”, the chairman and ”Hans Hurch”, the Executive Director of ”Viennale” also delivered a speech. The common denominator of these three speeches, was the political conscientiousness, and the critical stance to the Austrian right-wing parties. A considerable part of the speech of these prominent Austrian, artistic, cultural and political figures, was about the arrest and deportation of two Kosovan eight-year-old girl by the Austrian police.

Eric Pleskow, Viennale chairman (photo: APA - Austria Press Agency)

“Mailath-Pokorny”, member of the Austria “Social Democratic” party (SPÖ) showed regrets of the Austrian police behavior and the Interior Ministry calling this deportation “a human tragedy and an indefinable embarrassment”. The Jewish 86-year-old film producer ”Eric Pleskow”, head of “Viennale” – especially known as the head of the famous company ”United Artists”, was the next speaker. After, ”Hans Hurch”, the Executive Director of ”Viennale” talked about “a distorted world full of denial and misunderstandings” and continued his speech quoting the French director “Jacques Rivette”: “People always knew that leaves move with the wind, but in the movie they could suddenly see it”.

”Apichatpong Weerasethakul” the director of the Forty-eighth Festival “trailer”, was called on the stage by ”Barbara Rett”, the prominent Austrian host and addressed the audience in English.

“Jacques Rivette”: “People always knew that leaves move with the wind, but in the movie they could suddenly see it”

This Opening Ceremony was not eventful except that before entering the theater, I ran into Prof. Dr. Claudia WALKENSTEINER-PRESCHL. She is the Education Assistant and responsible of women’s affairs at the “University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna» and herself a graduate student in professional theater and specialist in cinema history. It is a small world; the night before I had a concert for an academic research at the University of Music and Dr. WALKENSTEINER-PRESCHL was the speaker who started the program and meeting her at the Opening Ceremony of ”Viennale” was very surprising for our University Deputy. The night before she saw the musician composer, performer ”me” and tonight, the special correspondent of Radio Koocheh at the Forty-eighth ”Viennale” in 2010.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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