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Several months of physical and mental torture on the one who accused in the project of Mozelin

«Saeed Malekpoor, a struggled culprit under extreme pressure»

2010 November 06

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

October 2008, Vanak Sq. Tehran. Maybe Saeed Malekpoor would not comeback to Iran if he knows that he will admit several charges under severest physical and mental torture very soon, according to his wife. It was those special days that “The cyber force” which most of them are related to Sepah Qods, the part of Islamic revolutionary Guard doing foreign affairs, inform about destruction of the groups who intended in establishing lurid sites. Although it had a vast affect on state sites and “Gerbab” site, the official site of this group, but it was adequate until naming those guys who never heard anything about official formation or never heard about the accusation and justices process.

Journalists pointed that the movement was done political and aimed in distracting movement but some others assumed the movement belonged to threatening in cyber space by the group related to Sepah Qods. However; there is no new information about the fate of accusers known as Mozelin.

Saeed Malekpoor is one who nabbed due to the case. He is the one who introduced in the site as an admin of some of lurid sites. According to his wife he did not find an opportunity to defend himself and say that he is just a programmer.

Gerdab introduces Saeed Malekpoor as Siyavash Hosseinkhani and said that he is the manger of the biggest Persian lurid sites, anti-religion sites or anti-security sites. The point is that some news broadcasting sites or the like called him as a political prisoner. That leads society view in wrong way. That was the path that Gerdab wants to.

Saeed Malekpoor was neither a political activist nor a systematic admin of pornographies sites. He was graduated in metallurgy in Sharif University who designed web master packages while continuing his studies. These packages are applicable everywhere in a religious site or in a site of pornography.

But why he must bear under such pressure from intelligence departments? His wife believes that he is a victim of a series of movement. Malekpoor pointed to some very hard mental and physical tortures in prison in his letter that goes out of there by a go-between. As his wife said, utterances of this site are adaptations of him which done under pressure and not other documents prove them.

It has been said that a similar action was done by vast nabbing of human right activists in 2009 around the country. “Islamic Revolutionary Guard’s cyber war with groups active in destabilization project” and nabbing of “U.S cyber war network” were such examples that informed about in state Medias.

However; after passing several months the situation of this case is still not obvious. His lawyer could not reach him again after signing mandate. On the other hand while calling as lurid or be related to pornography in society, he could not be in a fair mood at the beginning of the 3rd year of imprisonment. Even the charges were true for him, he has the right to proceed and follow his case in a fair justices. Still he has not the right of having a lawyer.

Fatemeh Eftekhari, Saeed Malekpoor’s wife interviewed about the last mood of this struggled culprit called the second Mozeline case with Ardavan Roozbeh although she is not aware of her husband situation.

Ms. Eftekhari, you are the wife of Saeed Malekpoor. He has been imprisoned for so much time and waiting for a bad warrant. I want you to explain about how he was nabbed accurately. Because most believe that he seduced to come to Iran by a trick and many believe that he came to Iran officially without any charge. Please explain the way of his nabbing.

The reason why Saeed went out was because of his father’s illness for some years. That’s why he wanted to come back to Iran to visit his father. That they declare they absorbed him by a trick is completely wrong. I was student here and because of my project type, I myself made the trip schedule, the way and the time. Because my brother’s wedding was near that time we had a time table and Saeed did not think to do anything wrong according to the regime law. Even if there was a doubt that he had done anything, he would not come back to Iran. The decision for coming back was family matter.

They nabbed him after 3 days. They did not tell us about his charges or which organization has ordered at first. We have been considering that he had been hijacked abducted for a long time like the accidents informed in newspapers. After that we understand that he was captured by Revolutionary Guard or Intelligence organization and do not know how we could go for Saeed’s justice affairs.

Malekpoor is facing very bad charges. He was charged with administration of some pornography sites. In his case he was also charged for having connection with foreign countries and even supplying financially from U.S. Please specify Malekpoor’s job.

Saeed was a freelancer programmer for special person, firms, and web sites. There was a travel agency that he designed whole of the site. Moreover; Saeed designed a pharmacy site and he adopted designing and constructing a web site also. As a freelancer programmer he adopts projects. He delivers the project, if it was accepted by the customer he shall pay him. Saeed was never related to such site’s admin. Unfortunately this charge was so obvious that it just need a dependable agent of the regime to go through his case and found it out after surveying.

Saeed has declared that he need just 2 hours of access the internet to prove that he is innocent. After 2 years still he does not know what was written in his case and they want him to defend himself quickly. My husband’s case is full of fake charges. Every time with a new one. One time, relation to Iran’s opposition, another time having connection to pornography site admin. We do not really aware of how and with which subject we could defend him.

This is our biggest concern and the case is heavy. But we reject these charges completely. I and my husband and every other friend who know Saeed during these years in Sharif University or in Canada admit that these things are absolutely not related to us. We want them to let us defend ourselves in a fair and equal court.

Has your husband be able to hire a lawyer till now? Has his lawyer got an opportunity to meet him?

The only time that the lawyer could have a meeting with my husband was for signing mandate but he could not have meeting and talked about the case or preparing reply unfortunately and this is our most objection. Maybe this is the process of security cases in Iran. As the case ranked as security related one not a former justices law would observed for the prisoner and intelligence agents can do whatever they want to do.

For example; showing his confession before court. Two years passed from showing Saeed’s confession in Islamic Republic’s official TV and the court has not sentenced him and we could not find any word to describe what they have done to us.

In the period when your husband has been nabbed, could you have contact to him and talk to him?

Nearly after 9 months they allow Saeed to call me. Because the last time I saw him, he was not recognizable for me in that awful situation. They only thing that he was able to tell me was  his pleadings to me to come back to Canada and escape out of Iran so he could be able to defend himself. When I came here I know that I won’t be able to hear anything from him. It was last July when they called me for the first time and after that I could contact him once a week and after that every day fortunately. Since the connection was banned for the part number 350 of Evin House of Detention for all prisoner, like the others, my husband cannot contact me.

Is there any warrant issued for Saeed Malekpoor?

No, there is no warrant has issued for him because he is not sinful at all and court was not called him as a guilty yet. Still the court sessions are going on. The 4th session is on 26th of October and not a warrant has been issued for him yet.

The name of Mr. Malekpoor was announced by Gerdab for the first time in a project named as “The second Mozelin”. What is your opinion and why Malekpoor was called like this in the project?

Recently, an article in Keyhan Newspaper has published an interview with managers of Gerdab.  They have tried to announce that during these 30 years their enemy and western union are aimed against the Islamic Revolution and also they want to discuss about “Cultural Aggression”. I believe that the thing caused this scenario for Saeed was the fact that we had came from a western union after 5-6 years and that was a sound case for applying what they had pre-programmed for before filtering. I really do not know what is going on stealthily.

But I know that they do want a legal approval for what they intended to do. These are my assumption. Because Saeed was a western union dweller caused him to be their main target I think. They also pointed to this in Keyhan and said: “Saeed was acting on a project in collaboration with Canadian police.” That is completely unbelievable. This could not be done because you have to be a resident and everybody knows that. Generally it is impossible for Iranians to reach military system of a foreign country. Unfortunately sine we were living in another country out of Iran, they could charge Saeed. That was because of the researching situation they brought to Iran.

Malekpoor wrote a letter in prison that explains his mental and physical tortures. First please tell us how the letter reveils out of prison? Because this is a real question and the second thing is that whether you declare objection against these things or not?

It is better not to revile the way that the letter goes out of prison because there are some prisoners who want to utter their say so reviling this would harden their solution for this. Unfortunately one of our obstacles with the judge is that why they do not send him to forensic medicine department for testing about the tortures. Saeed has said that he had been suffered under torture and when I saw my husband they were obvious on him.

I had been with my husband for 10 years, when I saw him in the prison for the first time I did not recognize him due to the tortures and their effects on him. Unfortunately the judge is not approving and we do not know why he fears and why he stands in opposition and do not send Saeed to forensic medicine department. For instance when Saeed speaks his jaws vibrates and make sound and that was due to all the tortures for admitting. Those signs are still obvious on him after 2 years.

Do you think the organizations related to “The second Mozelin” project or the admitting of Saeed Malekpoor was not enough? Do you think by lengthening the case, a certain pattern has been followed?

I don’t know how. After the post election accidents, my husband’s case was slow progressed. Lack of management is something obvious in Iran for everyone and sometimes they called his case as a passive one. I really do not know what the effect is. I cannot say my exact verdict but whatever is supposed to be is not reasonable to detain my husband for 2 years. This period could be a warrant for a culprit and I could not say what they want follow by this. Unfortunately I realize that they show my husband admitting on TV and that really made us anxious. Because we do not know what they are following and what is their aim.

Let me ask my last question. There are something in Iran with their own specialty. For instance when a subject become a political issue, most of the people go for that but some other remarks in cases do not get good responses in society. I want you to tell us the society consumption toward the case, not the intelligence system but the other people who you contact with them. What is their point of view?

Unfortunately the people in Iran are very sensitive to sexual affairs or the like. This made the police to mislead and violate it and highlight what they had done. This was too hard for us to absorb people and other organizations’ attention. Some charges have been accused and showed on TV for 2 years. The only thing that we want is a fair court and let the accused to defend himself. My question is “If my husband is really sinful and you show his admitting on TV, why the court is not aboveboard?

They say the court would not be aboveboard if it is against social laws. But you show the admitting on TV! These things are questionable and just I want social mind to ask these questions. We do not want much we just want a fair justices and the accused could defend himself and a people representative be there and the two dimension of story be heard not just the voice of intelligent officers. Unfortunately in this system the judge is helpless. The documents which they refer to are admit that Saeed uttered under the pressures of tortures on himself, and his family. These could not be referable and are not documents. All the things they get is my husband’s admitting that they want to proclaim their warrant according to them.

Saeed Malekpoor’s letter

My name is Saeed Malekpoor, nabbed in 05/10/2008 by hidden Revolutionary Guard’s agents without showing cards or injunction near Vanak Sq. in Tehran. This nabbing happened like abduction act without showing cards or injunction.

After that they throw me to back seat of unmarked car while my eyes were closed and I had been handcuffed. One of the heaviest officers leans on my neck and made my head downed forcefully and took me to unknown place which they called technical office.

There some other officers hit me severely while saying abuses to me and forced me to sign a sheet of detention declaration that covered with some paper. Due to that sever hitting while transferring to that technical office my neck was aching for several days and my face had been swollen because of fists and hits and slaps. At that night I sent to the second house of detention part A of Evin and put in a 1.7 * 2 m cell. Going out of cell was possible 2 times a day for roaming with covered eyes. I permitted to uncover my eyes only when I was in my cell.

For 320 days till 19th August 2009 I suffered there without any access to any book, newspaper, or any other connection to outside. In that cell only a volume of Quran, one bottle of water and 3 wrap were given to me. After that I transferred to the second general part A of Evin for 124 days until 21st Dec. 2009. When I was in sporadic and general cells I had never experienced weekly meeting and in the 444 days of detention in the second house of detention part A, all the meetings that were less than 10 times was heard by a revolutionary Guard officer and in his presence.

There was no weekly telephone connection in the first period in cell and all the telephone connection were heard by the officers and inspectors directly and every time when I wanted to talk about my case to my family, they cut it. In the 444 days of detaining in the second house of detention part A I had never feel secure and be threatened always because of the things that I mention as below:

In 21st Dec 2009 I sent to sporadic cell in part of detention number 240 of Evin and suffer there until 8th Feb. 2009 that means 48 days being in sporadic cell without permission to connect and I remained alone. Since then I have been in general part of Evin, first in quarantine part and after that to correction facilities number 7 and then to number 350. More than 12 month out of 17 months of detention I suffered in sporadic cell and I have never permitted to meet the lawyer.

In the period of temporary detention, especially in the first months I was tortured by Revolutionary Guard Cyber Defense  Group that some of them was in presence of the case inspector; Mr. Mosavi. Most of my admitting was due to mental and physical torture and under pressure and threatening me and my family and also done due to their permission to release me instantly in the mood of my admitting to lies which they inspectors wanted or dictated to me.

I have to explain that these admitting were uttered in the presence of inspectors and treathening to worsen the situation for not reviling to the interrogator that those admitting were uttered under pressure. Sometime they threaten me and say that they will nab my wife and torture her before my eyes. In the beginning month, I was quested every hour, during day or at nights, mostly contained with hitting and torture. The tortures sometimes done in “The technical office” outside of prison and sometimes in questing room in the second house of detention part A. Most of the times, the tortures were done by a group with cable, stick, fisting and kicking or whipping on my face and my body while my eyes were covered and I was manacled.  These things were done for forcing me to write what the inspectors dictate and constraint me to play the roll before cameras according to their wanted scenario. Sometimes the tortures were contained with electronic shock. It was too painful. We couldn’t move for some moments after that. One time in the last days of fall 2008, while I was naked and my eyes were covered they treated me to use a bottle for insulting me.

In those days in one of the inquests the hitting by fisting, kicking and whipping was so severe that my face was became swollen and I fainted but every time they made me awaken by pouring water on my face.

That night they turn me back to my cell. Late night I felt that my ear is bleeding. I knock on the cell door, nobody came in. The next day while left part of my body was feeless and I was not able to move, they took me to Evin’s clinic. In the clinic the doctor insist on sending me to a hospital but they return me to the cell and they left me till 9 P.M. At that time alongside 3 guards I had token to Baghiyatolah Hospital.

When going there the 3 told me that I have not the permission to say my name and told me to name myself as Mohammad Saeedi and threaten me to take me back to the cell if I refuse and must wait for bad consequences and torture.

Before visiting the doctor, one of the guards went to see the doctor and talked to him and after a few minutes I went to the doctor’s room. The doctor just said that my problem is due to nerve without examining me or looking to test results or radiographies and wrote that verdict on the medical report and medicates only a few pills for nerve pains.

Even when I plead for washing my ears, the doctor said that it is not necessary and they returned me with clotted ear to the cell.

For 20 days the left side of my body was feeless and I had a few control on my left hand and leg muscles so I could move hardly. One time on 25th Jan. 2008 in “The technical office”, moreover to these tortures; one of the investigators threatened me to pull my teeth off with a plier and jab my tooth and made my jaw to scuttle while kicking on my face. These tortures were nothing comparing to mental and psychic tortures.

Long term sporadic imprisonment (more than a year) without the permission to connect or meet my family and threatening to capture and torture my wife and family for too many times in the case of not adopting, or threat to kill me and telling false statement like nabbing of my wife or the like, causes restless and pull me in crisis mood. In the sporadic imprisonment period I had not access to any book or media and I could not talk to anyone.

The hard situation and mental and psychic pressures on me and my family went to the extreme that after my father’s death that happened in 17th March 2008, the officers of electronic court and house of detention do not tell me about it until one time after few month and after 40 days of his death I heard about it in a 5 minute calling with the presence of inspectors.

When one the inspectors named Massoud saw my crying, laughed indecently and satirized. Although I plead and ask to participate in my father’s mourning ceremony they refused. Moreover to mental and psychological tortures, an intelligence inspection group of Revolutionary Guard spent amounts of money from my bank account illegally. That it is provable.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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