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After demonstrating in Copenhagen and other European cities

«Iranian companionship with Dervishes abroad the country»

2010 November 16

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

After issuing warrants for 24 of Nematollahi Dervishes and nabbing others in different cities of Iran, on Saturday, “The Global Committee of defending the rights of Students and Dervishes” demonstrate against these nabbing by holding several demonstrative gathering around Europe simultaneously.These demonstrations were done along side with shows, films, photos, poster, and leaflets. The point is that The Global Committee of Defending the Rights of Students and Dervishes was established for reflecting the barriers and problems of minorities in Iran with companionship of Iranian Social activist in Europe last year.

Regarding to our subject we have an interview with Hassan Motevaseli, the committee spokesman as below:

Mr. Motevaseli, the statement heard recently related to Nematollah Dervishes in different cities are saying that the attacks against them are raising every day, all subjecting this religion point of view. Such as the 24 Nematollahi Dervishes who charged recently by the 12th revisal court branch, and other nabbing in another places. We know that your committee held a demonstration in Copenhagen today. Please specify the reason for holding such the demonstration and what was your purpose?

This program was held with cooperation of some communities and groups in most of European cities and the aim was to informing all European people and around the world about vast human right violation in Iran and also about the pressures to minority religion – nation groups and illegal detentions, political-religious activists nabbing, torture and Iranian people annoyance.

When the program started and how many had been gathered and what aim was followed?

The program started at 12:00 and continued till 3 or 5 P.M in some cities and we had unprecedented reception by Europeans. In that program we had presented photo gallery also. The pictures showing what had happened to Dervishes in Iran, especially Gonabadi Dervishes and Iranian people and political activists who are in prison. We had exhibited these pictures here in Copenhagen and in other European cities. It was great reception.

You pointed to the other cities. Simultaneously, which other European cities were having this program?

It was in Frankfort that The Global Committee of Defending the Rights of Students and Dervishes were showing alongside with the group of supporting the mothers in Laleh Park and the amnesty international. It also held in Florence. There we had also the supporting group for the mothers in Laleh Park. This program was also held in Koln, Hamburg, London, Munchen, Oslo, and Vienna.

We informed that a same program has to hold in Toronto, Canada. Is it correct or not?

Yes it was programmed to have a same program there. Yet I have not informed about its outcome.

What would be the purposes of the resent pressures on Nematolahi Dervishes?

The reason is that the Iranian regime is a Totalitarian regime and do not believe in another description of Islam. And the Dervishes are believed in 12 Shiite Imam and told this on and on, and act regarding the rules. But the regime is a Totalitarian. That was the reason of torturing especially to Gonabadi Dervishes and stops their ceremony.

Is your committee just works on Dervishes? I mean only the Dervishes right violation subjected by you?

No the subject for this committee is the human rights in Iran, and the pressure on national- religion or on Iranian students’ violation. It also aimed on them.

Can I ask you to explain about the exact time when the committee was established and who are the establishers and what is their aim?

The committee was established a year and half ago and its aim is to fulfill the attenuated all student and Dervishes and religion minorities rights. All kinds of people are members of the group such as common people, Christians, religious, Dervishes, or others who depended on other groups and cooperate with the committee for their attenuated Iranian rights specially Dervishes and students.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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