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27 October 2020
Social report- Mayor’s Swears Not Fulfilled

«۲۰۰ families in Robat Torogh near Mashhad will become homeless»

2010 November 25

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

The day when Mashhad’s mayor, Mr. Pezhman, promises for blacktopping and parks to Rebat Torogh, no one thought that the opening ceremony and the sudden presence of the mayor would be a begging of a snarl and wanderer for the people of a Rebat named Torogh near Mashhad.

The mayor, who became aware of the low grade needs of people, even swears in the ceremony to build and do construction.

After the mayor’s promises it takes no time that bulldozers began to destroy the houses and the Torogh people found that it is something beyond mayor’s promises. Torogh is a village located in south of Mashhad that joined 7th locale of Mashhad city recently. This part located in rand of Mashhad and because of inexpensiveness year after years was bought by poor people who mostly are daily paid workers, thus small houses built there. At that time this zone was not located in civil part. The presence of related guildhall proves this.

Not only joining to Mashhad city seems not to be a gift to those poor people but also causes loss of their shelter. 25th of this September, bulldozers of 7th locale of Mashhad city destroyed 10 houses of this village at night, the houses where people dwell there.

Municipality confidences that these constructions were illegal but the people believe in their rights because they had bought those houses when Torogh was a distinct near Mashhad and the constructions was not done after urbanization but in rurality period.

Apparently it seems that the utterances were not interesting for the officials and the Municipality was began to destruction and promised not to worry and this will continue for the other remaining 190 houses!

One of the villagers of the poor part describes as such:

Tell us exactly why your houses were destructed?

For making parks. Two years ago all the fields here was bound for agriculture and sold by poor dwellers and then the buyers built houses here. They are almost 150 houses that trees were implanted there but they want to destroy them for parks.

Is your house deeded?

No all of them assets just agreement.

How 150 houses built without permission?

Here was a village and was not under dominance of Municipality. But it has been 6 months that the Municipality dominated and wants to implant trees here. The mayor came and said that he wants to blacktop here and built a small park in 8th alley but gradually they intended to usurp all the alleys.

Do you say that the mayor came across there 8 month ago and did not tell you anything about the destruction?

No he did not tell us about the destruction. Just he said: “I want to blacktop here and build a small park” but 12 houses were destroyed. A house got many poultry and all destroyed. Another house was destroyed when the dwellers were not there.

Had the rural demonstrated? We heard that they had sound their objection to tetrarch and strike before parliament. Any result gained?

They are not responsive. We got an official letter from Tehran. Still not responding and told us: “You should have deed.” From Garajdarha Sq. till the end, not a house got deed in Mashhad. All bought by agreement, construct it then get deed.

Are the members of parliament going after your problems? Is there anyone presented at that location for helping?

The people gathered before tetrarch office but remain helpless. All the like offices are same. When we went there they told us: “We go after your problems”, as we reach home they act according to the mayor.

There is a rumored said: “Because your fields will be located near a big highway, many want profit from it.” Do you accept this?

The 10th and 11th alleys are in the project for 100 meters. But they destruct the houses for building parks and blanked areas implanted with trees.

Please explain about your life. How big is your house? Where is it located?

We leave in Robat Torogh village, in 7th alley. The house is 50m2. Last month we leave in two 2*3m and 3*5m rooms with two children. The president helped us and we built out house and extend it. My husband was jobless and we had a very hard life. Our life is ruined. Now the Municipality wants our house.

Has the Municipality promise you to shelter you in the case of destroying your place?

They do not answer us at all. They know us and put an officer for us. As we go there the officers made us trouble and do not allow us in their room.

These rural do not muted. After destruction of the 10 houses they went to parliament to stop the destruction of their other houses.  They demonstrated for 2 days before the parliament. The result was meeting with Khabaz, the Kaashmar envoy and some other MPs. Even they went to interior ministry for stopping that and want the ban on Municipality for stopping their house destruction which locates Torogh in civic area.

The Municipality also said that the part is in the comparative project and due to Mashhad expansion it became pervasive. Here the question is: “Should everyone who dwells in a house that placed in such project be adrift?”

For more details we go for some Municipality expert. But no one was able to answer. One of them said: “We are bounded even to interview with domestic media. We could not interview with alien Medias at all.”

But one other experts of Mashhad Municipality, who wants not to revile his name, pointed that the subject of destroying these houses and tenure of more than 1000 acre of agricultural fields of the zone is not only for expansion of the city of Mashhad. These places are near the plane of waistline of Mashhad where many large shopping malls will be placed here. That why some officials and related bodies who have hand in Municipality are planning for their own benefits and made projects for further constructions here.

What has planned for these families?

This is a good question but it seems to have no response for it till now. Mr. Khabaz has promised to go after it in parliament. The gendarme chief of Torogh showed the permission of destroying the remaining houses to them and the Municipality is proud of its project. Still no one answered to this simple question: “Where these homeless who became civilized must go and rest after these ruining?”

One other dweller in “Pish azin” village named Somayeh and her husband is a daily-paid labor. She says:

Our house is also here and they said us that they will cut the electric sources and water. We do not know what to do. When we built our houses, here was a village and the Municipality stuffs came here before and didn’t say anything. It has been 7 months that this place turned in to a city and done something awful to us in the name of giving privileges and blacktopping.

What does your husband do?

He is a simple labor. The plan for 99 years renting by Astan Qods Razavi has not finished yet. In mashhad, most of the fields are owned by this organization and rented them to people for 99 years. Every year the dwellers continue to stay by paying the rental fees. These dwellers had paid like other whom from Mashhad for staying and doing agriculture. But by implanting only a few trees near their houses via Municipality and the mayors promising, we could not credit them. It has been said that Astan Qods Razavi has also announced its objection for this plan but the juridical office of this feetail has done nothing legally. Because the Municipality said that the whole zone is sterile completely and they just want to implant trees and blacktopping.

One another that dwells in a 35m house and has 2 children is a daily-paid labor too. He wants someone else to talk instead of him. He said they hire a lawyer and others but this is not enough. There is the possibility of ruining their house every moment. Marziyeh says:

The Municipality said that your houses have not got deed so you are living in a place that built illegally. What you say about this?

In this area all agreement sold. Then, the time we built this place in, it was a village had reeve and village council. It has been 6 month that they built a park here. After it they implant some trees in a 6m place in front of 8th alley. Then they swear that these trees will not occupy other places even for a meter and not a house would be damaged.

But after they open the park and implant the trees, they move to 7th alley and other houses. They implant trees where ever they could do so. After 6 months, one day when my husband wants to go to work, I saw a police loader was destroying some houses with belonged furnishes which their dwellers were outside or on trip. They ruined 12 houses in a day.

They left us straggled and do not answer us. They do not say that we pay your right. They told we will destroy the houses gradually.

Have they determined a special place for you to move in? Are they observing your rights?

No right was observed for us and they said that we must have deed. The land is sold by agreement and we got a letter from Astane said that these fields are given to farmers. Because the farmers did not harvest so they sold it to poor people. All who dwells here are very poor and helpless and did not have enough money. So they bought these fields and inhabited. There are new-built houses and 3 years built one. None of them had built for more than 3 years.

How large is your house?

Our house is about 60m2. But there was a 125m2 houses that they had ruined them.

What is your husband’s job?

He is a lacquey. A labor waiting in streets.

We heard that the dwellers in Robat Torogh went to Tehran and gone on strike before Parliament. Any result gained?

No, still no result was gained yet and it has been 18 days sine that they return Mashhad and do not tell anything.

Have gone to Municipality yet?

Not there. They gave us some letters came from Tehran. But tetrarch was not responding to us. Many people lives here. They divide Torogh in two parts parted and non-parted. Till now they have equipped 160 m of the Rebat with gas but the other 9 alleys have not equipped. Most of the population dwells in the non equipped part. They are taking privilege of electric and water supplies not gas. Two kinds of people inhabited here: one with gas and one with oil.

He said he could not afford it and could not repay this ruin and it became his nightmare. What he would do if they destroy his house. A lawyer tells ILNA that 18 person from these places that threaten by destroying their houses, even could not afford judgment fees. “These people could not afford judgment fees even as they contribution and could not prepare a shelter for their own selves” says Alizadeh, their lawyer.

Related to this, Mohammadifar, the mayor of division 7th of Mashhad city tells ILNA as: “Robat Torogh was added to our servicing area in 2001 and in 2009 the village council was canceled and now it is allied with Mashhad 7th division. Before this session we had a meeting with the people because they had been bereaved from city services for more than 30 years.”

The mayor of the division stressed in the interview that they wanted to forbid illegal constructions instead of providing services such as blacktopping, parks and so on. The construction which the mayor announced about is not determining a specific part because the threatened houses are built nearly 10 years ago. The Municipality blames of some property agents due to selling of those lands and says that if one wants to do objection, he should complain them because they sold the lands illegally.

Mohammadifar said that only 30 houses are in the planed project and continued as: “Because of some inconsistencies some village councils have given permission for constructions and some properties was sold by related agencies. So the people there are aggrieved.”

But he do not give any explanation about the 200 houses that the Municipality gave the permission for ruining and finally believes that he is just a law executive and that thing was lawful and a vast park will built in the area.

What would be the End?

Mr. Mohammadifar, the mayor, stressed that only the houses which built at night were ruined and the Municipality has not agenda to destroy the others. But this is something paradoxical to what the head of police and Municipality stuff said before.

The people said that they are abhorred of sequences. The future is not obvious they do not have money to inhabit in the like properties, cannot afford justices fees and left helpless. They do not have civilian rights and are not lettered much. It has been 30 years, as the mayor said that they had been deprived of civic services and just knows that they are losing their shelter.

The last line of this report is that all of us are enjoying social development and city facilities. All of us would be pleasant of having neat weather due to parks. But the thing which remained odd is that where these people are going to inhabit after we got the parks.

Has the mayor heard about civil rights yet? The interview is finished but no one in Mashhad Municipality was able to talk to us. Even one of student activist had been arrested for publishing the news of house destructions by intelligence services.


«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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