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For remembrance of a media birthday

“A while with great friends in Koocheh”

2010 December 04

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

When it is someone’s birthday, he would go for his best friends and invites seniors. He wants to talk about the things that were important for him in the last year.

The first of December was a prideful day for me to go to best friends of Radio Koocheh. To go to who were not and are not stranger with Radio Koocheh.

If I wanted to go for every best friends of Koocheh, this might took too much time and have to spend so many hours for that. I felt that might be ungracious for these friends. So I go to 4 friends representing kind friends of Radio Koocheh and ask them to express their feeling toward Koocheh.

All of them were engaged in their tasks but they did not withhold. I go for the very kind friend, Iraj Adibzadeh, a journalist in Paris and a collaborator in past. I want him to talk about Radio Koocheh. It promised to publish everything he says without any changes.

Ali Afshari, a student activist and political analyzer from Washington talked about Koocheh for 2 minutes and stated about a different way that Koocheh has begun and its diversities from others. Then I asked Mohammad Mostafaee, a jurisconsult and social activist who self abandoned Iran recently. He is a charitable and energetic person that was able to have interview with us when he was very busy in the worst moments and when he was under inner pressure of a -18 execution and made his life endangered. He also expressed his view toward Koocheh. Finally Abbas Maroofi with his vital word who expressed the most beautiful statement at the end of his speech: “I am a small member of Koocheh family”. I became excited by powerful and lovely journalist modesty from Germany.

Another year where we would be? Are we available or not? It is not important. The thing which is important is that we will continue with more eager and reliance while Kooche’s friends are persuading us.

Please stay with us by Koocheh’s friends statements:

Ali Afshari said: “In my opinion Koocheh tries to continue a new way and order of Iranian journalism, the journalism that supports with predilections for the original way of democracy. But it does not serves itself for proselytizing any special group and distinct between a media wants to be talker of a political movement and a media wants to discuss about politics professionally. So I believe that this point is Radio Kooche’s strength.

Mohammad Mostafaee is a jurisconsult who I am in connection with him for many years about human rights and social rights affair. He is a well-known person. Today (1st December) is Radio Koocheh’s birth day. It is a radio that is pluralist and democrat and supports democracy. Please say your opinion about Koocheh.

I would appreciate all who establish Radio Koocheh and are acting in it. Fortunately; this radio could be effective in declaring its message and hope that it would be more reinforced. This radio alongside other independent medias is voice of victims who broadcast their words by you every day or every month. Today Shahla Jahed was executed; tomorrow somebody else would be executed. This is your task that I believe you have well performed it in this short period. I hope you continue with more power and eager till we could have this radio in Iran and hear this radio or the other independent radios from Iran. We must not allow rulers who violate human rights to stay more and extend their malformation. I hope we would see more achievements by you in future.

Iraj Adibzadeh is a journalist and our comrade from Paris. I ask him “What he could say for us and Radio Koocheh at 1st of December?”

I was proud to work with you from Radio Zamaneh. I know you and your work in Radio Koocheh in this short period. I know that it is a young radio and well placed in different medias. Despite of it, I know that it also contains many obstacles. Such a media must be supported from various people or organizations for fulfilling its desires.

The name of Radio Koocheh represents part of its aims. That it want to be a tribune for common people. That is a point other medias are not paying much to it and go for political figures mostly. What uttered between common people as viewpoints are very important. Governments and organizations pay much attention to common views of people and question about them.

In French, where subject of increasing the age of voting emerged, several polls done. It was interesting that in the days when people were under pressure because of subway and bus stuff strikes but they accompany with the demonstrators who cause that situation.

Radio Koocheh could expand in following days, months, and years. Especially I am familiar with Mr. Roozbeh and his cohorts’ way of working. I know that he is thinking along 24 hours a day that what could be shared with common people and given to them. I prize Radio Koocheh and hope that it extends its hands on more countries especially for Iran. If we hear domestic affairs from inside of Iran, it would bring more novelty and have a better aim, I think.

I go for one of the most affable friends of Koocheh, Abbass Maroufi, who his reliance was always is our strength. “If you have a review or guide for Koocheh please state it”

I congratulate the anniversary of Radio Koocheh to you and its audiences and friends. I believe that every person got special finger prints. It is important how we put our finger print on wall of the world and made it perennial. Everyone know what he has done and what he assets and how truthful. Our people need Radio Koocheh and others the like, Radio Zamaneh, BBC, VOA, Radio Farda and other medias. Today’s’ medias are a part of the medias which closed and banned in Iran. Our country lacks of publication and criticism. When a young journalist starts, there is no media for supporting him and view him and his works. It was like this in whole the world and history that when a young writer or the one who wants to start strikes out does need these medias and publications. An important part of this process was completely eliminated by Islamic Republic. Even there is no Yellow Media in our country. Even when publishing medias was prohibited in communist countries but Yellow Medias were exist for giving opinions and spreading rumors and make figures.

Islamic Republic fears of every figures. Iranian regime (containing its leader and all top officials) wants artists, athletes and champions popularity for themselves. Despite they give gifts or make ceremonies, even poem telling nights and invites poets and writers but as athletes come back from trips with their medals, they took their medals. In this situation, hard task of you and the like, dear Ardavan, is that while having obstacles, every media must work instead of dozens of other medias. There is financial problem in one side and working pressures on the other side. I wish the best for you and a free and green Iran for people. We must stand by each other. We defined as we when are stand by each other, because we have a same enemy and thousands of same fair ideas. I assumed myself as a member of Koocheh.

persian text

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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