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An eyewitness reports in students’ day

“Thousands of students gathered in Qazvin”

2010 December 13

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

In 7th December, there is news about raising ceremony in some Iran’s Universities but from Azad University of Qazvin that started the ceremony in 10 A.M, reports inform us about gathering of thousands of students in Qalam Sq. in the university.

The presence of students in the ceremony was along side with demonstrative slogans that caused entering of Basij force, hidden force, Police and intelligence officers that resulted in film taking. The students cherish memorial of killed students in after election demonstrations by singing the song of “Yar Dabestani” and other slogans and express their objection for not probating the ones who ruled or acted in the villainy.

The reports of eyewitnesses to radio Koocheh say that after beginning of gathering form Mechanic and Industry school other students from Computer and Electricity school joined them and this continued via passing across schools of Management and Civil Engineering. Before this happening, after presidential election in June 2009 and killing of 2 university’s students, Ashkan Sohrabi and Amir Javadifar, some demonstrative gatherings were happened in Azad University of Qazvin. It must be mentioned that afternoon class of this university was canceled due to student demonstration.

Salman Sima, student activist in Azad University, who was nabbed before by intelligence forces in Iran, reported to Radio Koocheh about gathering and plans:

More than 1000 of students in Qazvin Azad University were gathered. This university has always been among the pioneers. Last 7th of December and 4th of November more than 3000 had gathered and everyone saw the related films. It dedicated 2 martyred students to Iran nation: Ashkan Sohrabi and Amir Javadifar. For today’s gathering some declaration and invitations were distributed from last week but securities and Basij was threatened them. Even Basij proposed disputation to students in a part of the gathering for going inside mosque and talk. They intended to create sequester among students. Securities were threatening on and on and intelligence officers were recording. They also wanted to start tension but it was neutered by smart student. In 7th of December, the students attend a grate gathering in Qazvin Azad University. Slogans with “Down with dictator” and gathering with “Ya Hossein, Mir Hossein!” were started. Some student’s slogans like: “Student would die but not wretched!” or “Amir is not dead but the government is!” were also uttered.  By these slogans they show their support for Amir Javadifar and Ashkan Sohrabi, the two martyrs in Qazvin Azad University.

The gathering was held successfully but atmosphere is somehow tough. The security has threatened some students but they retain their gathering wisely and bravely. Now the gathering is over but the atmosphere still critical.

Before this, after June 2009 election and killing of 2 student of this university (Ashkan Sohrabi and Amir Javadifar), some vast gathering was held in Qazvin Azad University. This university is one of pioneer universities in demonstrations.

After interview with Salman Sima, Radio Koocheh had another interview with one of today’s gathering witness. We do not name him because of security issues.

Please tell us what happened in Qazvin Azad University Today?

Regarding to invitation, students were gathered in Qalam Sq. form 10 A.M in university. But we could feel the presence of Basij and preservation stuff who threaten the student to be straggled. But the student responds with some slogans like: “This is Qazvin voice and would not wretched!” The gathering started from Qalam Sq. near Mechanic and Industry school. After that, when students were moving toward Computer and Electricity school, classes became canceled and other student from other schools joined the movement and approached Civic Engineering School. The other students also joined and this completes with Management school students.

Actually slogans were in support of the 2 students of university who were martyred (Ashkan Sohrabi and Amir Javadifar). We lost them in after election events and students want the ruler and agent of the bitter event to be trialed. Basij and preservation stuff start film recording but the student did not care and continued. Some other students from other parts were joining but basij forces tried to sequester among students.

Preservation stuff proposed students to go inside university mosque and negotiate there but they rejected. More students gathered and singing the song of “Yar Dabestani” and wanted freedom for all political prisoners, nabbed student, and our detained class mates.


«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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