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Goftegoyeh Rooz- Farzad Farhangiyan, a diplomat who joined to “Green Embassy”

“Downfall will continue in diplomacy system”

2010 December 19

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

In past years, it seems that the system of Foreign Ministry could always cover demonstrating in its system in order not to reveal any objections or separations from it. But after last year’s critical election, when those demonstrations extended from people to members of government segments or former parliament members, ministers and officials, who joining to people for demonstrating has became a sign of not adopting present situation in state segments and also form who working in executive parts of government.

This expansion shows itself in different parts. After election it was very hard to believe, when Mohammad Heydari, Iran’s consul in Norway resigned to show his objection about after election events and apply for being a refugee in Norway. At first, Foreign Ministry did not say anything about it, and then rejected it. But it was true. The objection was reached Foreign Ministry that selects its officials and elements via sieving.

Heydari who had established a movement called “Green Embassy” pointing to his aim and said: “There are some minorities that are same in oppositions inside and outside the country. Our goal is to transfer every points and ask every groups to join and reach solidarity with the people inside the country and voice our slogans based on establishing a free election in Iran, freedom for political prisoners, freedom for presses, freedom for political parties, separating religion from politics and observing human rights.”

Same with this, a diplomat from Iran embassy in Finland, Hossein Alizadeh resigned too and joined to oppositions of Islamic Republic.

Pointing to the historical skullduggery in Iran presidential election, Alizadeh said that he demonstrated because of regime’s action against after election protests and Iran foreign policy that put the country in critical situation. He said: “It was not possible for me to live this paradox anymore and educate my children with it.”

In that moment, Ramin Mehmanparast, the spokesman in Foreign Ministry said pointing to his resign: “He was an economical expert in Iran Embassy in Helsinki and his duty period had become over in July.”

But these utterances could not bind the 3rd member of Iran Foreign Ministry resign and becoming refugee. He is Farzad Farhangiyan. He was the counselor of Iran Embassy in Bruxelles and resign for showing his demonstration. Some news said: “The second counselor of Iran Embassy in Bruxelles, the capital of Belgium had resigned last Friday and went to Oslo the capital of Norway.”

Farhangiyan was the 3rd diplomat who made it. But as Heydari from Green Embassy said, this could not be the last one and other diplomats and experts in Foreign Ministry are also planned for this purpose.

According to this aim and inducement from demonstrator diplomats and also for informing about the actions of alien governments, I interviewed with Farzad Farhangiyan as follow:

Mr. Farhangiyan! According to what you know about diplomacy system of Islamic Republic, how the process of diplomacy that exist in Iran and showed to people and the way foreigners looking at, could continued? Is your demonstrative movement or your other friends’ could have impact on global society and diplomacy process outside the country?

I believe that the process which began by the 9th government and what happened in last June could be a changing process. Because of me and my friends’ resigning from diplomacy system that was a demonstrating movement against last year events, made a change that happened in believe of my every patiots or in experts who I know absolutely. Today the need for this change is inevitable.

I ask my question according to people belief. Some said that how the elements who worked in Iran political system could reach to this result that Revolutionary process oriented to ineligible perversities?

I was a 16 years old teenager when the revolution happened. After 30 years our beliefs was absolutely changed. Especially for Foreign Ministry stuff who has chance to travel and be familiar with other cultures and nations and look inside from outside. This is privilege that a person could be familiar with different analyzes and events of his country. Man changes. We are not the same as what we had been 30 years ago.

The events happened in last 30 years reveals much of facts. Some other things might occur 30 years ago but its appearance was not the same as last year events.

You are acting in a set called “Active Green Embassy Campaign”. What are the tasks of this group and could it be effective yet?

As Heydari who had been in consul of Iran Embassy in Norway resigned, the Green Campaign that was his initiated idea established and aimed to help the stuffs who are going to escape out of the regime. Our escape as the country’s diplomacy system stuff is for showing incredibility and illegitimacy of this regime.

Islamic Republic government believes that the few events happened, including your resignation which aimed for showing objection, was done after the period of servicing and it was not a diplomatic action. Please explain about this.

As we said in our interviews in the last 2 months these are the things just for distraction that Mehmanparast or other Iranian officials uttered. As a diplomat holds his diplomatic passport and serves out of country is called diplomat. All our friends who went out were diplomat and hold political passports. The things that Mehmanparast uttered are totally lie.

Till now we have informed about 3 resignations of diplomatic envoys. Are you informed about your cohorts in Foreign Ministry? Are such events continues?

It would be absolutely like this. As we know 20 of our cohorts went out yet. Some others had gone out 14-15 years ago. The ways to go out differed. There are some high ranked who were envoys or consuls went out silently and live outside at this moment.

The cohorts who already went out are us. We are 3. We went out in a way to show illegitimacy of the 10th government to the globe. There some others absolutely that you will be informed about them.

Do you think that in this process, alien governments felt effects of your movement?

Yes it is like this. The governments of Norway, Finland, Belgium, or even in other governments where some other our cohort trying to go out, have considered this issue dizzily. Because this is a question for them that why in a diplomacy system of a country which wants to governs and fixes the world, some top diplomats escape out of its diplomacy body and claim that: “We went out due to illegitimacy of government” . This effect would continue.

Have you been threatened by Iran government after the things happened?

I had cut my connections but be threatened indirectly and heard about them. These threatening are not something new and I have been faced with them from 15 year ago when my friends went out. I believe that Iran people Green Movement has much proceeded.


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