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Goftegoye Rooz- Nemat Ahmadi and Sara Latifi

“Habib Latifi is a fecund youth, not deserved for execution”

2010 December 28

Ardavan Roozbeh\ Radio Koocheh

Translated by Kave

Just a few hours remain to execution of Habib Latifi, a young Kurdish student, his lawyer Nemat Ahmadi says that since a fax of execution office sends in this Thursday and all the offices in Iran are close, there is no chance for lawyers’ team to act. He continued: “They did not lose the time and in the moment of receiving the letter of execution office that stated the death warrant will be executed in 6:30 A.M in 26th of December, Saleh Nikbakht, another lawyer went to Sanandag to express his objection. Nemat Ahmadi also wrote a letter to Iran head of Justices and asked for stopping the execution regarding to some legal difficulties in the case. These difficulties point to the way of surveying the case in court and qualification of Penal Court of Tehran for studding the case and also to the point that the case was reviewed in the same court of the province. This case must be studied in State Tribunal according to the legal process.

Surprising about the way of prophecy, Ahamadi told about the prophecy of Habib Latifi’s warrant: “I don’t want to emotionalize the subject in these critical hours, but I must say that Habib Latifi is a symbol of Aryan youth. He is well literate and handsome. If he wasn’t in prison he must have got his PhD at this moment. Pity! It would be nice that justices’ officials show Islam and Islamic Republic official sublimity by forgiving him.”

On one hand, according to their knowledge about Latifi’s case, some experts about Kurdistan believe that due to pressure of complainant, Intelligence Ministry, he had announced statements in questing process. While charging about bombing and other things, the culprit was not at the place of happening at all. That’s why while in questing process he had accepted being a fan of Pazhak Group but he refused this in court and repudiated having any relation with the group.

I don’t want to emotionalize the subject in these critical hours, but I must say that Habib Latifi is a symbol of Aryan youth. He is well literate and handsome. If he wasn’t in prison he must have got his PhD at this moment

On the other hand, Sara Latifi, the sister of Habib, the student facing death warrant, while telling that their family mood became struggled, interviewed with Radio Koocheh and said: “Because of the age of our father and mother and their illnesses, we do not inform them about Habib. It was too shocking for us to hear about Habib execution.”

According to what Ms. Latifi says, this warrant was imparted in a situation that the case is not closed yet and their objection still surveying in the tribunal. His sister described his condition as very bad due to his illness but hoped that the execution stopped as soon as possible.

In this situation the warrant was imparted in Thursday 23rd of December at noon. Most of organization active in human right issues alongside social and political activists, journalists and artists were demonstrated and wanted the execution to be stopped.

It must be mentioned that Iran has got high number of executions in the world.

Mr. Ahmadi! Your client, Habib Latifi heard about his warrant after years of waiting for the conclusion and probably he may be executed tomorrow (Sunday, 26th December). Please explain for our audiences about his situation and explain what you have done for stopping his execution or whether you have met him or not.

I hope it won’t happen and the he would not be executed on 6:30 A.M according to a fax which I received.  I do not see that he deserves it. This case was opened in 2007 and I and Mr. Saleh Nikbakht have been the lawyer. It studded first in Sanandaj Court and revised in branch No.4 of the province and was approved there somehow, so we announced our objections. It went several processes and finally reached to the step of execution. We could go through the case form the beginning as Iran law allowed us.

It is supposed that your client be executed in the month of Moharam. We have heard about a rule that in taboo months no execution must be done. Is it true?

Legally they have not appointed a special time for execution but in Islamic rule, there are 4 months that wergild would add 1/3 if a murder happened. So if someone done a murdering in those months, it was supposed to add the wergild for that happening. Thus the government is not exception. Although ulema verdicts are important but if legal issues assumed, this is superior that in this month in Iran no execution happened and Islamic law would not be damaged in the first Shiite Ruling country.

Please explain more about your client. How were his activities and tell us more about Habib Latifi morality.

Since just 15 hours left to the execution, I do not want to talk about the case emotionally. It is very hard and unbelievable to talk about a handsome and talented Aryan youth who was getting his master degree and if he wasn’t nabbed must be a PhD student by this time. He is a likable and warm person and ignored what they accused him in all the process.

This morning was the last chance for you to pursuit the case from the tribunal. Are your effort could gain any result for stopping the execution by this time?

Actually it wasn’t supposed to be the last chance and we were not waiting for such a fax. At 1:30 a fax was sent to office of Mr. Nikbakht that the warrant will be executed by Sunday 6:30 A.M. We couldn’t do much in Thursday and Friday since holydays in Iran. Nikbakht went to Sanandaj quickly and I sent a requirement to office of Head of Justices, Ayatollah Larijani. Since he mentioned that remission is just commanded by the supreme leader I asked him to postpone the execution and reduce it in order to return him to society and show others that Islam is simple and merciful.

They announced it on Thursday and everywhere were closed on Friday. But Mr. Nikbakht came to Sanandaj to go for it and stop it

Mr. Latifi how did you informed about your brother, Habib Latifi’s death warrant and what your lawyer was done?

Yesterday at 2 P.M, Mr. Nikbakht called and said: “From the office of executions, I received a fax that they are going to execute Habib by Sunday morning at 6:30”. He said that the fax was supervenient.

How was the last thing you informed about the case that you became surprised when heard about the execution?

The case is still open and we were waiting for it to go to the tribunal. Everything was going well. Also Nikbakht was shocked and wasn’t expected to receive such a fax. I don’t know how they issued such warrant.

Since the case is still in the tribunal, have you and Mr. Nikbakht been done something to stop the execution?

They announced it on Thursday and everywhere were closed on Friday. But Mr. Nikbakht came to Sanandaj to go for it and stop it.

Your brother was charged for acting in heisting and participating in military operations. It was said that he has recorded films in some operations in Sanandaj and other places. Are the charges true?

I reject all of them. They create a case for him. He was a student in human rights and was acting in culture issues. I deny the other issues like bombing, etc.

Have you been able to talk to your brother? What did he say about it?

I talked to him about the case. We know our brother very well. All in Sanandaj know him. He was active in humanitarian efforts not in military. How could the one who is acting in cultural affairs done a crime and be a bomber? These things are none related to Habib and his morality. His friends in prison or whoever knows him are aware of his activities.

It was heard that the judge was from Intelligence Service not justices system. Is it true?

This is the first time that I heard about it. I don’t know exactly. You can talk about the case details to his lawyer. I haven’t heard about it and I do not know.

Which course has Habib Latifi studied? Regarding to what you said about his cultural affairs, in what issues does he act?

He was studding Industry but remain uncompleted. He was active in newspapers, humanity and cultural affairs.

How is the mood of father, mother and the relatives?

His father is 80 and mother is 67. We have not informed them. There were so many shocks in these 3 years and his mother is not in fine situation and is under medication. In the last one year the inner mood of the father gone worse and was under medication in the last 3 months. All the siblings are aware of it.

Reports from prison indicate that Habib Latifi was not in a good situation. Are you informed about his physical and inner mood in prison?

He was quite good but not physically. Because he got Bronchitis illness and his eyes are hurt also. I prepared some medicine for him but on Thursday telephones are disconnected for not any information go outside.

Have you received any feedback from human activists in Sanandaj and Kurdistan for supporting him?

All are really doing efforts. Some called for preparing demonstrations in some cities around Europe. All are participating. I ask to stop the warrant because he is really innocent. If he was participating in cultural and political activities all was under the NGO laws in Iran. He must not be executed. His mind and idea is working for people. His warrant is unfair.


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