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Over a thousand in Washington D.C. attended the event

“Iranians abroad support Iranians inside the country”

2011 February 15

Ardavan Roozbeh/Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far/Radio Koocheh

In these days when Iranians are in one of the most agitated periods of last three decades after the Revolution, all Iranians protesting actual conditions, with a sense of responsibility, try to be there for all. Today, the protesters believe that they can make a difference through protests to achieve their rights.

فایل صوتی را از اینجا بشنوید


فایل را از این جا دانلود کنید

The Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Washington D.C. is the place to go to protest every week and protesters are hopeful that the reflection of their presence will reach the world. Saturday, February 12, two thousand and eleven, was transformed to a day of protest planned by a group of activists in support of civil activists arrested in Iran.

In this protest that lasted two hours starting at 2pm on Saturday, protesters were chanting slogans before The Interests Section of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Also, some of the civil rights activists such as “Fariba Davoudi Mohajer”, journalist, “Ali Afshari,” student activist, “Rahim Rashidi,” Kurdish journalist and several other speakers in the protest delivered a speech.

One of the participants in this protest mentioned:

Iranians abroad should just be the voice of their compatriots and follow their demands. Because it is them who are in the front line and they are getting beaten and injured. We must therefore ask what they need and we should support their demands. Today, some people are here, I wish we were more. We hope we are more and more each time. The weather is cold but our hearts are filled with warmth and hope. For we saw what happened in Egypt and we hope the same thing happens in Iran.

”Ali Afshari”, student activist and political analyst living in Washington D.C. regarding the need to attend such gatherings says:

I think it is important that expectations be managed. I find some expectations very optimistic that hundreds of thousands gather. But if a thousand people gather in the current situation could launch a new start. In my opinion, influences of Egypt and Tunisia will change things in Iran. But it does not necessarily mean that it will lead to something big within the next few weeks and I think the core of this movement, can be formed on February 14th and in this respect it could be a turning point.

There is a potential power of people, but how this power will be used is important. People in Egypt and Tunisia had a series of advantages. Their movement was clear, the leader of the people were loyal to their demands and yet, people’s will made them move and persist. But we do not have all these in Iran yet, and these things should be done.

It is true that their movement was spontaneous, but organized groups also played an important role in this successful move. The other issue and difference is that the regime in Iran is not similar to those of Egypt and Tunisia and this makes things more difficult. If people come out on the 14th of February, it means that all the repressive efforts have been defeated and as the commander of the Guardians of Revolution said, they are going to use even more force to crack down.

My name is “Khadija” and I have come here from “Baltimore”. I was very happy for Egypt. But the issue of Iran’s political prisoners and human rights abuse bother people

Moreover, “Khadija” an Afghan girl from Baltimore who came to support Iranian protesters says:

”My name is “Khadija” and I have come here from “Baltimore”. I was very happy for Egypt. But the issue of Iran’s political prisoners and human rights abuse bother people. I saw on Face book that this event is going to take place so I came to take pictures and I think everyone in this cold weather is here to show their protest. Because people want the human rights to be respected and political prisoners that now are tortured in Iran just because they have protested and are innocent to be released and also all these executions in Iran are unacceptable. I, who am not even Iranian, am Afghan, just came here to be  with my Iranian friends and say that we are supporting them and we stand by them.”

“Rahim Rashidi” Kurdish journalist regarding the necessity of unity of all ethnic groups in Iran says:

I would like to reflect on three specific historical junctures in our society and the history of Iran. In 1966, after the Constitutional movement in Iran, it was the Kurdish people who fought for the Constitutional movement around Qazvin led by “Yar Mohammad Khan Kermanshahi”. And after they supported and welcomed ”Mossadegh” and his party. We know that in ’79 revolution, the Kurdish people have played an important role. Unfortunately, the propaganda of the Islamic Republic caused doubts about it and made the Iranians look at their Kurdish fellow prisoners skeptically, people who actually belongs to Iran.

My Messages is that we need to remove the doubt and put it aside. Because without the  participation of ethnic groups who have been oppressed so far in Iran, Iran can not be unified and without a fair share of power and wealth we cannot achieve democracy. When you look at Western countries (America and Europe), they have money and wealth, we have less wealth but higher values and that is being an Arian nation. I asked myself why as long as I am considered Iranian, and while I am proud of being Iranian I am marginalized? We can become a noble nation just like Bahrain and Azerbaijan. If we are looking for democracy, human rights and justice, we need to share power and wealth and no citizen should be left behind. With a belief like this we can, with no exceptions, bring down any dictatorship and found a democratic society.

A young Iranian Kurdish, who since his birth has been living outside of Iran, is also one of those who joined the protest to support the Iranian people:

We have gathered here for a free Iran. We are all human and we want freedom for all nations and hope that these assemblies do not stop until finally one day we achieve freedom. I hope that I will be still alive to see that day, the day of freedom for the Iranian people and other nations like Iran, Egypt and Tunisia.

”Ahmad Batebi” also given his personal experience since the student movement was cracked down by the regime a few years ago says:

My personal opinion is that if one day, even a small change happens, it can be the turning point for a new event. Because achieving democracy is not our only goal. Other goals are built over the time and according to situations. But given the developments in the region in the Arabic countries one after another, the events, revolution and democratic movements that happened, it is important for Iran to move along with these events. But I believe that what happened after the tenth presidential election in Iran was great as well; The fact that people are used to gather spontaneously, without being led to protests. I think that the February 14th event is one of those events that should happen as a historical experience for Iranians, and over time, to be able to achieve democracy.

However, it seems that protesters are not going to have a simple road ahead and this movement with a democratic process can be fruitful in the long term.


«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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