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Invitation to strike in Kurdistan

“Kurdistan is alive, on Sunday, we will be on strike”

2011 February 20

Ardavan Roozbeh / Radio Koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far

The “Coordinator Committee of protests for the murder of Sane Jaleh” is a committee composed of Kurdish journalists and civil rights activists that recently announced its existence by making its first statement on the issue of the murder of the young Kurdish on the February 14th during a protest in Tehran.

This committee in its second statement also supported the protest of people for the murder of ”Sane Jaleh” and ”Mohamad Mokhtari” on the 14th of February and asked the people to go on a strike in Kurdistan on Sunday February the 20th. ”Shahabaldin Sheikhi”, a member of the committee considers the rulers behavior regarding the two youngsters killed during the protests as a desecration, a form of ”identity theft” and ”martyr burglary”. He considers the strike in Kurdistan as a less costly approach to protest, although he does not deny the possibility of severe confrontations.

The committee in its statement says:
“Four days have passed since the murder of ”Mohammad Mokhtari” and ”Sane Jaleh” in the protest on February 14th.
While the people of Kurdistan and entire Iran are shocked over the killing of ”Sane Jaleh”, his body was buried under high-security conditions, by his murderers in Paveh. His killers, not only killed his body and soul but also targeted his personality and human dignity. But he will always be remembered in the hearts of millions of people and fortunately the regime’s dirty conspiracy pretending he was an informer failed. “

While the people of Kurdistan and entire Iran are shocked over the killing of ”Sane Jaleh”, his body was buried under high-security conditions, by his murderers in Paveh.

This committee member also gives us some news from Kurdistan and points out that people showed somehow their protest by not attending the government programs and the funeral ceremony held by them.
The committee’s second statement says: “Sane Jaleh is another Farzad, Kianoosh, Ehsan and Shovaneh. And Mohammad Mokhtari, another Sohrab, and Ashkan. Their murderers are all the same. Killing Kurdish people has never been left without consequences. Kurdistan, will embrace all children of Iran.

Students, women and youth, civil and political activists, parties and social institutions, in the past few days, prepare themselves in different ways to show their protest to this nationwide crime.  People of Kurdistan have a message for the murderers of Sane and others: “Iranian Kurdistan will form a strong and widespread protest. Kurdistan will disturb the sleep of the killers of its children will upset the killers, and once again expose them. “

”Shahabaldin Sheikhi”, journalist and member of the Coordinator Committee of protests also told  Radio Koocheh: “The regime used to apply another method for dealing with objections against the killings before and this time, with a fresh approach, it still surprised us. But it also has been defeated.”

Elsewhere in the second statement it says:

The “Coordinator Committee of protests for the murder of Sane Jaleh” asks everyone in all Kurdish cities to protest the massacre of youths and in response to the Islamic Republic crimes against Sane Jaleh and yet against the will and dignity of Kurdish individuals, on Sunday February the 20th, to go on a nationwide strike, shut down the markets, shops, schools and not go to work and once again show that Kurdistan will not tolerate the massacre of its youths.

On this day, people of other cities and Iranians abroad will protest also during a Memorial for Sane Jaleh and Mohammad Mokhtari and in sign of solidarity with the people of Kurdistan, against  dictatorship and the status quo. The “Coordinator Committee of protests for the murder of Sane Jaleh”, supports also the protest movement of other cities.”

”Shahabaldin Sheikhi” Kurdish journalist in this interview with Radio Koocheh also said: ” we have seen so far any kind of theft but stealing someone’s death was surely about preventing the murder to become an international issue such as Neda and Sohrab’s murder.”

Here is the full interview of Ardavan Roozbeh with Shahabaldin Sheikhi, journalist and member of the ”Coordinator Committee of protests for the murder of Sane Jaleh”.

The ”Coordinator Committee of protests for the murder of Sane Jaleh” has published its second statement. Could you please tell us briefly about it?

On the February 14th, this country lost again two of its children, and the rulers found a new way to deal with these martyrs, and that was desecration and ”identity theft”. Considering that the regime itself insisted about the fact the ”Sane” was a Sunni student, we thought also that this deserves a reaction from people. Our committee, knowing the Kurdish population, estimates what the Kurdistan’s reaction would be, and it would definitely be outraged, so our committee issued the first statement and talked about the Kurdish reaction. The second statement came out  with the Green Movement statement and other parties simultaneously to prepare for a nationwide reaction on the February the twentieth. So we prepared for the strike on the same day. According to our experiences in Kurdistan,  and knowing that people are mentally ready there, the strike seemed to be the less costly solution. Of course, the probability of crack down by the regime was likely to be higher.”

After what happened and somehow the regime took ownership of the death of ”Sane Jaleh”, did this provoke any reaction there is Kurdistan?

”The first reaction came from the citizens of Paveh who refused to participate to the funeral. It is a part of Kurds cultural structure to organize a magnificent funeral for everyone so you can imagine what they would have done for Sane. But when they saw men who were wearing Kurdish clothes and sisters wearing the islamic veil that the regime brought there from Tehran in a bus, so the Kurds did not participate in the ceremony, therefore, it was obvious that those present at the ceremony were only people of the regime.
On the other hand, people were waiting for parties, journalists, political groups and human rights activists to react. So far, people are aware of the announcements and statements and are mentally prepared. But another part comes to informations and medias role.

In recent days, it seems that a new consensus has taken place and the regime approach has changed. Previously, many of those who were killed in clashes were called related to external elements, even separatists and considered as those who want to overthrow the regime. But this time the regime has a different approach to deal with the issue. You, as a journalist, how do you see this change?

”People shocked the regime with their move but definitely I should admit that the regime also shocked us. Because we thought of any kind of robberies, but did not think that they might steal the blood and bodies. I think they wanted to prevent the same issue of Neda and Sohrab that became worldwide news. This time, to avoid the reaction of the medias and global human rights, they took ownership of someone that they killed themselves and pretended he was one of theirs.”


«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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