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02 June 2020
Dara’a, scene of killings in southern Syria

“another attack on the Syrian people”

2011 March 26

Ardavan Roozbeh/Radio koocheh

Translated by Avideh Motmaen-Far


Reports from the city of “Dara’a” in Syria suggests that police opened fire on protesters again throughout Wednesday and Thursday. According to reports, at least forty people have been killed so far.

AP says that even an eleven-year-old girl has been killed. The Police and other forces of Syria attacked a mosque on Wednesday and with direct fire killed six people. Also nine others were killed in the city. Reports state that the number of killings on Thursday has been growing and almost 40 people have been killed that day.

On Thursday, at the funeral of nine people killed earlier, also police opened fire on people, but the number of people injured and killed has not yet been published in an official report. Mr. ”Assad” declared ”state of emergency” in the cityof “Dara’a” and the city has been surrounded by his command.

Some unofficial sources are talking about nearly a hundred killed so far. In other areas, the Syrian protesters tried to join “Dara’a” but have faced the police violence with open fire. It seems that the  increase in the number of killed comes from this attempt. In Syria, like many other Arab countries protests have been transformed to a crisis now.

But the interesting point is that the Syrian demonstrators, with the slogan “No Hezbollah, No Iran”, have cleared their position and policy towards the Iranian government and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Earlier, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic has been supportive of some of the opposition movements in Arab countries. Thus it is clear that the position of Iranian government is unlikely to be in favor of demonstrators in Syria.

Recent killings of protesters in south of Syria have raised discontent in other countries as well. The United States condemns repression in Syria and Ban Ki-moon calls for investigation about protesters being killed in is the city of  ”Dara’a”.

On the other hand, political activists in Syria accused the state media of censorship of the news and  showing the conditions differently in Dara’a. Now, uprisings are spreading and have reached other Syrian cities such as Damascus.

Al-Arabiya network reported that the Syrian government has been benefiting from help of forces of both Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Bassij in Iran. Hezbollah’s Secretary General denied this report but the Iranian government official has not shown any reaction so far.

In addition to livelihood issues, Syrian protesters also plan to protest the law of extraordinary circumstances. On Thursday, the Syrian government said that this Act of law is likely to be abolished. “Batineh Shaban” press counselor of Mr. ”Assad”, on Thursday announced that the above law might be canceled forty-eight hours later. Ms. ”Shaban” implicitly noted that in ”Dara’a” people’s protest have been accepted while the city’s state media called the protesters ”armed robbers” and ”disturbers”.

“Hafez al-Assad, the Syrian ”Ba’ath” party founder and his son Bashar are still in power since 1963.



«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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