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Reelfes in Washington DC


2011 November 08

Reel Fest is a film showcase with the mission to create a seed-bed for films outside of the mainstream which personify innovation, individuality and daring strokes of bold new cinema. Reel Fest accepts all lengths, genres and all styles of films. The key ingredient we are looking for is innovative work. Reel Fest is especially interested in low-budget, indie spirited filmmakers who are seeking a larger audience for their work around the U.S., the World, around the web and in the “Brick and Mortar” stores. We will consider any kind of movie.  If you’ve got a story to tell we will help you tell it.

There are a handful of film festivals in the DC area but only a small portion of those show true independent films. Washington, DC is a media powerhouse and ReelFest aims to use the media in Washington to provide exposure to innovative films from independent filmmakers who may not have the means to do so.  ReelFest seeks films that challenge convention and explore creative thought.  We accept films of all lengths and genres: Features, shorts, documentaries, animation and music videos.

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«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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