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“Daryan Village Unstable Rock Block”

2012 May 05

Mohamad Tajeran / Radio Koocheh

Considering the Environments Impact Assessments (EIA) is nowadays one of the most important and fundamental studies which carry out meanwhile any dam & H.P.P projects investigations in Iran.

3 years ago I was involved in the one of the biggest hydropower projects in the world, called Karun4 dam & H.P.P, which has been constructing in Iran on that time.

The reservoir which has been formed by this dam has more than 2 billion cubic meters volume of pure water.

This reservoir covers up the land of mountain area about 12,813.4 km2. In fact it has considerable effects on the environment in so many different points of views both positive and negative ones which I am not going through them technically.  But the EIA as the specific studies hasn’t been defined in the Karun4 dam studies and investigations. As this dam investigations planned and implemented about 15 year ago and considering that Iran placed in almost dry part of the world with low amount of the annual rain fall, the construction of the large cascade dams on the big rivers of the country in the shortest period of time was the most priority of the Iranians government policy for the time being.

But after years and response to the basic fundamental needs of water and also controlling the flood of some of big rivers, which usually occurs in the flood seasons, it seems that considerable changes has happened in the overall policy in this regards.

Now, EIA is one of the initial studies which should be done prior of any stage of implementation in the hydropower projects in Iran.

In this text I am going to evaluate concerning environmental issues in the other large dams which is constructing on the Sirvan River in the west of Iran name Daryan Dam & H.P.P.

As I did before, I am going to interview with Mr. Mehrdad Zargari, the head of technical affair of this project which he was also in charged in Karun4 dam.

In the forthcoming text, we will review the environmental issues in three different categories and I will try to address the actual methods and pragmatic solution which they have taken into account to response to this basic and important needs.

Hirvi Clay deposit:

The main clay mine near the dam site is located nearby a small village name Hirvi.  This village is surrounded by the extended filed of fertile soil and completely suitable for any agricultural purposes. As the considerable volume of the clay needed for dam clay core is going to provide from this deposit therefore removing the fertile part of the soil is inevitable as the first stage of the mining.

But, according to the laws, recently issued about protecting the natural resources and it is mandatory to be followed by all organizations and real and legal persons, therefore the client of this project established specific investigations in this regard. Consequently it has been asked to be considered strictly in the all method statements been proposed by any contractors. In this case the contractor has decided to remove all the soil and deposit in a specific area and keep them all until the end of the mining activities. After completion of the transporting the required amount of the clay to the dam site, all the soil should be bring back and cover up all the initial area in such a manner that the continuation of the agriculture activities could be carried out.

It should be mentioned that during this procedure and with help of the some experts, they are going to enrich the soil and enhanced its quality to get better harvest.

Daryan Village Unstable Rock Block:

Daryan is the village adjacent of the dam which the dam name adopted by this village. As this village is quite close to the dam site, the explosions affects on the village directly and considerably. After first visit of this village by the experts, it has been found a big rock wall which is located in the middle of the village would be unstable when it subjected to different loads apply by both natural sources like occurrence of the earth quake and constructional causes such as numerous rock blasting which usually carry out using large amount of explosive, meanwhile dam construction and operation period.

Actually as the direct responsible of these kind of the project is the client, the specific studies carry’s out with the title of dam constructions and impounding social effects and through these studies tries to address all the social problems which could have occurred during and after the dam construction and client must consider some pragmatic solutions to resolve all problems which have been addressed or maybe occurred.

Daryan village unstable rock block was one of the problems which rose after constructional stage of this dam has started. This rock wall is located above some villain houses that in case of any rock falling there would cause serious damages to these houses and consequently some unaccountable casualties would be happened.

As the response to this need, correspondent rock support system was designed by Mr. Zargari, contain installation of rock bolts combine with 2 layers of steel wire mesh.

This system is completely adapt with the complex geometry of the block should be stabled and as the area should be supported is far above the ground and is almost vertical with the height about 40 m, then all support system implementation carry out using rock climbing methods and with a group of expert rock climbers.

Bell Spring:

In the about 5 Km upstream of the Daryan dam axis, there is actually the most holy spring in the all local people’s opinion called Bell. This spring daylights at the elevation about 720 m.a.s.l which regarding to Daryan dam normal water level of 828 m.a.s.l this spring will be submerged into the dam reservoir.

Right know a team of experts are involved with this issue to find out the way to recover this spring after impounding.

There designed and excavated some exploratory tunnel to get better understanding of the spring source route, also lots of recent developed ways, methods and equipments such as tomography, ultrasonic and …  have been used to help the expert to reach their goals.

they are going to first clarify the main underground routs and define the catchment area and after that proposed the accurate and pragmatic remedial measures to bring up and heightened the water daylight to upper elevation where it could be flown within the future and one of the most interesting and also important tourist attraction of the west of Iran come back to life forever.

For me this is good to see improvement after few years in all stage of a dam construction. 3 years ago I was quite sad to see all those negative effect on the nature while we could decrease them if they had considered environmental issues in their studies.
For now I am quite happy to see all these activities and this concern for the nature but I keep the hope for future to consider environment and nature in studies and investigation’s part of a big construction.
Thanks Mr Zargari for the interview

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