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«Our duty is to show the human rights wherever and whenever»

2010 April 13

An Interview with Ardavan Roozbeh, human right Journalist

By: Iyda Sa’adat & Hesam Misaghi

Committee of Human Rights Reporters- Ardavan Roozbeh is a journalist who his efforts represent 2 decades of working about human rights and Social Pathology.

According to Wikipedia he is a journalist in the field of social Pathology and a Radio producer. Now he is the headmaster of Radio Koocheh. Professionally, Roozbeh has worked on the fields of Iran’s human rights since the last 5 years. In 2009, he was the producer of a serial called “30 years of human rights in Iran” in Radio Zamaneh which surveyed vastly about the cases of human rights breaking in Iran. Through broadcasting news and reports about the rights of religious and nation minorities, student activists and prisoners in Iran, this journalist has published hundreds of reports and articles for informing.

This conversation is an Interview with the journalist:

As a person who acted in the fields of known-media in the Internet, how do you evaluate talks about human rights and promoting it in this field?

Talking about human rights in media is the simplest but effective way that any human being could get familiar with his/her rights. Here increasing the amount of access is another profit of this media movement.

But it is necessary to say that broadcasting the information and uttering the news in the field of human rights in Iranian society is a new process absolutely. Before the way to reach the information highways in globe and this amount of news broadcasting, we have to accept the low speed or formal interior or exterior Medias.

News of a media has been bounded with political news and the deformed shape of interior news was the only sources of getting information. In this situation you see that the news about 1988 executions was reviled by the families of the victims who escaped out of the country later. Despite violating the human rights, still may be many of the news about 1980s of Iran has not a clear and revealing vision.

These days according to present opportunities it seems that we have to use all the facilities completely. We should not start media crisis, but we must not allow any human right violation not revealed.

We have to write and talk about it till the places which believe they are uncontrolled always fear about reviling in media. This is the worry of the organizations who felt irresponsible to everyone although too many pressure is on the social activists.

Kehrizak, Rajaee Sheher prison, illegal jails and violent behaviors no longer left hidden.

We should remember that our duty is not working pro or against someone. As a journalist I never thought about fighting. Fair, logical, on time and unexaggerated informing is a duty for me. Some may consider it as a fighting. Of course it is a fighting to eliminate violation not a group, a party or a regime.

In your opinion does illuminating and informing general thought is done expectedly in this field?

Absolutely no! Still we could not tell the violate cases of human rights in Iran purposefully. Unfortunately we have to regard this that there is no news about the unknowns or who are not announced in headlines.

As you may remember a letter of unknown prisoners was revealed recently. The letter is regarding to this subject that the mood of known and famous  prisoners are followed by medias and human rights agencies and there was enormous effort for reviling their problems, but there was no such a sensation for the other unknown prisoners. Here there is a question: Are the Medias follow the casual problems of common people who are not journalist or famous social activist?

No doubly their mood is worse than the known prisoners and I believe that following Medias paid less attention to them.

In this filed how do you evaluate the amount of effectiveness of online Medias’ activities on real situation of people’s life?

Nowadays we cannot divide cyber life with real life. Do you remember the previous election of Iran? The way of advertisement and real presence of candidates, photos and meetings but in the last critical election we could obviously see online and cyber effects on the country’s atmosphere.

It is not something impudence to say that many of the accidents were due to the highlighted presence of online medias and cyber societies. Before the election I have archived emails and messages. Around 20,000 mails, including requests, news, message and reports made by hand phone or the ones which uploaded in the twitter from Tehran or other cities’ battles time after time. This is not something low effective.

We have to consider that this grow is developing. Although blocking internet addresses and filtering tens of thousands of webs and medias showing the strength of this kind of way but we should not forget this fact that, this time the technology is helping the movement of Iranian people. Allowing Google services which was unreachable for the Iranian operators due to Iran sanctions, the Twitter and Facebook and others which atoning the sponsored broadcasting of domestic medias, showing that these facilities could be an opportunity for everyone even the ones who are criticizing the objections of people.

I believe that the regime plays important role in these processes. The fact that the most bloggers are Iranians or thousands of news broadcasting and news agencies are working, even a young guy holding a camera is a media by himself, represents lack of enough tact of regime. The vast blocking of Medias in Iran and the increased military atmosphere in Iran and high control over journals that the regime could have a logical supervision on them caused this kind of modern formation.

We are discussing about new way of living that a hand phone with a simple camera, a weblog, and an Internet access could be a broadcasting organization that is not detectable for the regime.

What is your opinion about the differences about reporting and journaling with the news of political web sites which sometimes go through human rights?

Talking about human rights is a special field that going though it can cause bad results. Proceeding about hearsays and wrong news in this field and finding it was untruthful or it has been hyperbole caused the people not trust any news heard in the field. Many times we had seen that news was effective but it was rejected or it could not be provable. The 1st consequence is that the audience’s enthusiasm in following up the news reduces.

These days you can see that there is no serious attention paid to post-election nabbed in other cities. Much of the prisoners in Mashhad has not recognized yet. There are many accidents occurred in Isfahan and Shiraz or other cities that no one had talked about them. This is the result of facing unprofessionally with informing about human rights fields.

We should keep this in our mind that violating human right is not bounded to Iran and its post-election crisis. Human right is something globalized that must follow up with social and media activists in every dimension and in ever countries. This kind of follow up has a useful result for every human being. Having sensation on human rights should not bind to just an era or a process. This is the point that the presence of professional, globalized and prosecutor media group is something essential.

Regarding to the different attitude of Medias in this field, does the expectances fulfilled?

Although too many efforts have been done, they are basic and needs pursuit, administration, and planning. The post-election events gave a new shape to the movement. But some groups just think about their benefits. Those who use this opportunity want to clear their background or orient a movement to make their political movement famous or do pony. Here it should be warned that human rights subjects is not depended to specific politics, situation or benefit of a special  group and in my opinion, dividing political movement from these process is something crucial.

Independent and active Medias should direct this process and must not allow this to be an opportunity for the political movements and opportunists.

Recently we have seen the act of military and security officials against human right and online media activists. The medias backing the regime announced that 30 activist nabbed handing in U.S inconstancy and cyber war projects. Moreover; these actions face the human rights with prison and this expanded to other activist working for online media. How do you evaluate this and what is the reason of this kind of reaction media and social activities facing?

It seems than the wave which broadcast out from the regime results the illogical thoughts even for themselves. This may result of multicity of who make decision in inside or because of vanity or illogical consulting which I’d go through them many times.

Relating a process to the other or opening an unrelated file for the sake of common people is useless.

Many years before when a mindful nabbed, it was tried to make him unfair for the society with the help of relating him to drugs or having intimacy with others could trail him before the public mind. This was helpful for eliminating an idea or a person who was able to start for a new process. When this method overused, the society asked: why someone who talked about something is a depended person or addictive or infringer, etc?

This wave is still going on. This issue goes though family problems of a member of reformist government, violating personal privacy and reviling private photos of a political thinker.

Making social activists relevant to out of borders or relating to bad named organization or special persons is followed by the same route. Certainly if the regime wants to face them logically, it should listen to these ideas.

The question is: who is accused? The one who tell an even about human right violation or the one who did so?

Let me give an example; in 1998 I was redactor of a gazette in Iran. This journal which was about social trophy was closed. My accusation was about publishing a report about systematic immorality and prostitution in one of the region of Iran. I can remember before publishing that report, I had warned officials and handed them the related documents. But they did not care a fig to this issue that some of the official’s sons are propounder of prostitution in that region. After publishing, it was me that trailed because of immorality.

It is the situation. Today everyone who talked about human rights violation in Iran are nabbed, trailed or imprisoned and other organization in managing level of regime in revolutionary guard or other organizations start to make unreal files and reach personal information or finding something wrong about a person, make an unreal and hierarchical story about having relation with bad named process to made everyone unjustifiable.

These reactions come from regime sensation about the media and social activist stirs in relation to these kinds of news. Many in the regime have big financial organization or bad guys. Like the immoral, mafia-like bands that exporting Iranian Ladies or sailing many of the old worthful things. Why this issue is not important for the cyber army? Why no one worries about the increasing consumption of narcotics in Iran? Because these things are not able make the world sensitive to Iranian issues.

We should keep this in our mind that nowadays the actions of activist or organizations involved in human rights issues are important. Maybe the method of creating files or documents against the activists used again but the thing which is important is that these movements should be human-likely, active, clear and independent.

According to the limited facilities for covering news and events related to human rights, which methods are suggested?

The easiest way is public informing for developing public knowledge level in this field. Whether you’ve got so many reporter in regions or another persons who got access to the information, you cannot reach the data as the people who are too mach and spread all every palaces.

The best way is informing people and relating to each other and instructing national-rights. If any citizen be a media by himself or get familiar with his rights, can recognize where a human rights violation occurred.

Every active related Medias should involve in instructing and informing. More over; learning in the field of women, children and nation’s rights and getting familiar with the roles and clarifying through this statement that: “Knowledge is our right and our rights are our portion”, would not bound this route to a person, a group certainly. And in everywhere the rulers learn that the people are familiar with their rights and any of them could be an informer of a violation.


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