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Koocheh Mahtabi - 365 days

«In the night, a cry that lasts»

2010 June 15

Ardavan Taheri/Radio Koocheh

Translated from Persian by Avideh Motmaen-Far

“After the Coup of 12 June 2009, the Iranian people, with different beliefs and from different horizons, but in a common cry, largely protested against the electoral fraud. Even though they were silenced by the darkest mercenaries, from their blood, blossomed the Green Hopes of Awakenings.

This common pain which was silenced for many years became the loud cry of  protesters of the greenest movement in Iran’s history, condemning the blood shed in the dark nights!”

In the past year, believe it or not, the Green Movement, like a new blood stream in the Iranian people vessels, gave life to renewed belief and hope for freedom and became a wave that shattered the Coup Government’s safe house. Chronicling this tumultuous year “Shamloo” would have written- perhaps:

“Bad years
In the wind
In tears
In doubt
Years [… long nights] and perseverance [… pure]
Year that pride begged [Not]
Year of contempt
In pain
In mourning
In tears […of mothers]
In blood […  of Neda]
Leap year … “

But in the same year, which promises “Shamloo”:
“Stars and goodness we found
Well we got
We blossomed”

However, reviewing the fertility and gaffes of the green movement, seems to be as necessary as the struggle for liberty! Now, as the beginning of the Green Movement is still close, we can review its.

Yahya Tadaion presnts to Radio Koocheh

acts and hope that this public protest movement in Iran be spared from major errors and stay true to its ideal path. If we all agree that the Green Movement is a public popular protest without external dependence to achieve freedom and justice, this review will not be difficult.

We should acknowledge that victory and defeat, joy and pain, evolution and failure will all be part of the Green Movement’s realities before time passes and the fate of the Islamic Revolution is repeated.

The Green Movement is a non-violent movement

The Iranian police commander, on the anniversary of 12 June 2009, in an interview with” Soroush Weekly” says:  “Law enforcement, from the first day, was ordered not to use combat weapons, only   Paintball weapons were used…not even the smallest firearm.”

The police commander, like many other incubi knows that “dictatorship cannot last” even by force of batons and bayonets, so he denies killing the protesters.

“Esmayl Ahmady Moqadam” in the same interview said:” If there is an issue somewhere in Tehran, the Commander of Tehran and a special unit focus on it, but when there are 30 different issues, the management is divided and weakened because smaller divisions have to take care of them. Anyways, the case of the students dormitory was not as bad as it was said.” This confession of the Police, clearly shows the non-violent social conscience in Iran.

Green movement at risk of profiteers out of the country

Now consider the Green Movement from another angle. Simultaneously to the opposition movement in Iran, a group of Iranians abroad, with demonstrations, hunger strikes and other statements and plans, supported the people inside Iran and began to open the eyes of the international community to the events after the coup of 12 june 2009 in Iran. Meanwhile, groups and individuals in some countries, creating organizations in the name of Green Movement, are trying to introduce themselves as oppositionists and against the Islamic Republic, abusing possibilities offered in Europe and America! These people have nothing in common with the Green Movement in Iran! These are the same people who, unfortunately, register a single website domain for the green movement in a country, and use this to justify their asylum application. Or some forgotten political groups who because of the wrong behaviour of the regime’s judicial, found a haunted free space in the green movement for their dead ideals and try very hard to divert the green movement from it’s sacred goals.

Being alert and acting rationally helps the Green Movement to stay on the road to Justice and Freedom rather than that of hero-making and saviour-creating.

The question that is harder than its answer

With a view at the leadership of the Green Movement whether in the country or outside of Iran, we will understand that most of them are leaders, authorities, managers, and thinkers derived from the Islamic Republic. This reality can be a positive aspect because these people are familiar with the system’s workings. But on the other hand, the fact that the leadership has grown from inside the system, can cast a shadow of doubt on the Green Movement.

The understatement of the Police Commander is a victory for the Green Movement who believes in a  non-violent fight.

To answer this question, perhaps in the present time is not possible, and of course, having doubts will strike hard on the movement. Being alert and acting rationally helps the Green Movement to stay on the road to Justice and Freedom rather than that of hero-making and saviour-creating.

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»


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