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«Macho marines show their soft side»

2010 July 07

NST – Mar 23, 2010

SEVENTY servicemen from the US Navy and Marines besieged a daycare centre for cerebral palsy children, gave the place a good sprucing up and left the children with plenty to smile about, write HALIM SAID.

KUALA LUMPUR:  Like a scene from a G.I. Joe movie, well-built men and women clad in United States navy blue uniforms and marines green camo pants “stormed” the Tasputra Perkim Day Care Centre in Jalan Perkasa 9 in Taman Maluri recently, fully armed, not with fire power, but scrapers, brushes, paints, and chainsaws.

The men and women in uniform were from the US Navy and Marine Corp who had signed up for the Navy’s community service programme.

At each port of call, these servicemen go to charity homes to clean, fix, paint and pay social visits to carry out their community service.

The 70 volunteers from the USS Bonhomme Richard recently stopped at Port Klang before sailing back to their base camp in San Diego, US.

The first 20 volunteers from the batch visited the day care training centre last Wednesday morning and was seen busy sprucing up the place.

In the five-hour stint, the volunteers pruned trees, gave the walls a coat of paint, and mowed the lawn.

When the work was done, the sailors were rewarded with Iranian food which they washed down with coconut water.

The next day, more than 25 volunteer visited the Tasputra Perkim main headquarters in Jalan Ampang Hilir. To interact with the children, they played games with them. The men and women did some cleaning and painting at the centre as well.

Lance Corporal Roberto Delacruz, 21, from California, said he enjoyed spending his time doing community service.

“It’s the feeling of satisfaction we get when we give back to society, even though it’s in another country,” he said.

Seaman Betsy Brunson, 21, also from California, and who has been out at sea for three years, said she feel obliged to help the underprivileged children.

“It’s gratifying to see these children grow and learn in a safe and secure place,” she said.

Children at the centre suffer from cerebral palsy, a neurological disorder which appears in infancy or early childhood and permanently affects body movements and muscle coordination.

The Tasputra Perkim was set up in 1987 to help cerebral palsy children to be independent and to develop their motor skills.

Currently, there are 52 children registered at the centre, and they take turns going to training centre during the weekdays while undergoing therapy to hone their skills.

The centre receives an annual grant from the government for its operations but it is not enough to provide the best facilities and learning tools for the children at the centre.

Tasputra Perkim chairman Elahe Norman expressed her gratitude to the men and women of the US Navy and Marines who had helped to give the day care centre a fresh look.

“I’m happy that we receive such gifts and these men and women are the best gifts of all for the children,” she said.

The American embassy’s assistant attache and defence liaison officer Michael P. Stead said the community service is part of the ship’s activities whenever they dock in a country’s port, while the crew works on the ship’s maintenance and replenishing supplies.

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