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17 October 2021

“What we are thinking about where we are by you”

2009 October 22


“A free journal in the field of thoughts, culture, society, art and news”. This is the most suitable statement which could be defining Koocheh by. This is the media which  starts with the efforts of free journalists and modern journalism educated stuff, in August 2009, after eight months of efforts for starting and technical preparation for tentative programs. Founder and editor of this radio is Ardavan Roozbeh.

The result of initiative idea in the  name of “low cost” media in the atmosphere out of politician in order to expand social relations and delivering information for upgrading Persian public knowledge where ever in the globe based on tools like audio, video and texts.

Radio Koocheh wants to observe obvious moral factors in profession, human rights and freedom in declaration and be a window for novice journalists, bloggers, and professional authors. This is a logical way for realizing democracy in every country which speaks Persian. That’s why we think that democracy is a basement for thoughts and action in the frame of resection to social and cultural values for all nations and races.

No doubly Radio Koocheh starting is the result of free journalist ideas and thoughts who surveyed on its foundation and it results to this media. This is what we do not put too much insistence on it and we admit ever censure about it and we do what we could do for it.

This is obviously a collection of thoughts which whole to gather create a meaning for Koocheh, a mutual media that its audiences are its developers.

The audiences of Koocheh are not limited to specific group or a special age. In our English service we are going to have an outline part for writings.

No doubly Radio Koocheh starting is the result of free journalist ideas and thoughts who surveyed on its foundation and it results to this media

If the name of this media is initiated with Radio, that’s because this online Radio contains online magazine, television, and also Radio.

Radio Programs will start at the beginning of November. It is a 24 hours Radio which 2 hours is live and for the rest of hours it would be with you with headlines and music.

For TV service this should be noted that after the generation of cheep Radios and podcasts that are produced because of the Internet and find a chance to be presented, we have to look for a same experience for TV service. That’s why online televisions have already been existed.

In this part we would be able to be with audiences through current facilities. A multimedia for all Persian speakers from India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and all the other nations who are living in these countries. Like our beloved Kurdish people, Turkish, Baloochs, Turkeminies, Pashtoons, and Uzbeks from grate countries who settled formerly in a vast country before.

Finally we have to note that, it is believable to be with you and near you in Koocheh.

?Where could we get to gather

In each media for cooperation, the first rule is adapting the terms which the media is using for editing and producing. These terms are not advanced for personal sake, but for the view which provides reciprocal respectation for both media and audiences.

Koocheh broadcasts news and reports in social, cultural and art fields which are objective, accurate, and nonpartisan and are prepared according to free circulation of .information in the frame of journalism principles

?Is it possible to be a “counterpart” of Koocheh

No doubly if you got something to deliver, we will shake a warm hand with you. Just send us your personal specification, experiences, and samples of your compilations and attach the sample on top of for mentioned things which you want to do in Koocheh and send it to us via Email.

?How to communion with Koocheh

Any field of multimedia which could be your work place, that’s there!

If you have got a film, or a text in your weblog or you took a photo or developed a podcast, you can send it, so it will be showed with your name for everyone.


If the file is more than 10 MB, send an Email, so we would recommend you the proper ways

Communion and sponsorship

Because Radio Koocheh is not depended and has not an incoming source, any Persian could be a helper for this journalist group by any amount and when ever. Radio Koocheh shake hand with you and appreciates your sponsorship which is due to your opinion on how much you feel about the substantiated thoughts in this radio. No doubly when you adopt our work style in Koocheh, you could be our partner. Radio Koocheh is take responsibility about any kind of help and it should be noticed that any financial aid in any amount could not change Radio Koocheh’s style and professional points of view.

:Ways of payment

Through E-Pay and credit cards or pay-pal – to be announced

Payment in Iran through Shetaab Network – to be announced

:If you are interested in negotiations, you could directly send us Emails

“Being Koocheh’s sponsor does not mean the possibility of change in Koocheh’s principle and any kind of aid from any one does not mean the adaptation of Koocheh’s .”principle

«نوشته فوق می تواند نظر نویسنده باشد و الزامن نظر رادیو کوچه نیست»



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    لطف کنید مطالب را به فارسی بنویسید متشکرم

  2. 2

    اگر لطف کنید ایمیل آقای اردلان روزبه را برایم ارسال نمیید متشکر میشو چون اخبار داغی دارم

  3. Aida

    agar emkan dareh email khanoum Naazi Hesami ro dashteh basham mamnoun misham,,souje ha va etelaate jalebi raje be mohajerat iranian daram,, mamnoun.
    رادیو کوچه:
    با تشکر شما می توانید با رادیو کوچه از طریق آدرس زیر در تماس باشید. در صورتی که برای هر هم کاری در کوچه می خواهید بفرستید کافیست ذکر کنید در ابتدای نامه که خطاب به کیست.

  4. yek-nafar

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    بهتره بگیم، هر کی‌ هر کی‌،

    در کجای دنیا ما دمکراسی داریم؟
    همینکه مرز هست، و قانون و مقررات هست، یعنی‌ دموکراسی نیست

    و چه بهتر، تصور اینکه هر هر کی‌ بشه چی‌ میشه،
    خدا اون روز رو نیاره، آخر دنیاست.

    اگر امروز متوجه نشدی،
    روزی متوجه خواهی‌ شد که دیگه جبران نشدنیست.

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